18 Stunning Photography Locations in Cyprus [2024]

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Looking for the best Cyprus photography locations? You came to the right place!

Cyprus is a place of natural beauty and therefore spoiled with stunning photography locations.

Whether you’re looking for crystal clear blue waters, charming rustic villages or waterfalls in the middle of lush mountains, Cyprus has it all.

With the increasing popularity and numbers of tourists arriving on the island every year, it can feel a little crowded and impossible to take a decent photo, especially if you’re heading to one of the famous hot spots.

If you want to beat the crowds and enjoy stunning scenery for yourself, here I list some of the most gorgeous Cyprus photography locations on the island and also a few tips on how to get an unspoiled photo even during the high season.


1. Petra Tou Romiou

Ok, this is one of the most crowded spots on the island.

But – if you make it there in the right time of the year, to the right spot or be there at the right time, there are plenty of opportunities for gorgeous cliff-side photos or sunset picnics.

There is a gorgeous pathway that leads across the cliffs leading up to Petra tou Romiou and you can avoid the usual photo angles just by exploring the cliffside or walking up the further stretch of the beach.

Despite the views, please do not climb on the rock itself. It’s dangerous and certainly not worth the picture.

Drive up to Aphrodite Hills Resort just up the corner to get an even better view of the whole bay and gorgeous sunsets enjoyed with a cocktail in your hand.

Best for – sunset photos, off season photography and on-foot discovery of hidden locations

Avoid – during high season (June – September) during the day. In the evenings just before sunset it tends to be a little less busy.

cyprus coastline

2. Coral Bay for Sunset Views

This is one of the spots close to my heart.

I spent most of my 6+ years living on the island in the area of Coral Bay, and these little hidden beaches and off cliff coastline walks are one of the prettiest on the island.

Just walking off from Coral Bay and following the rugged path along the coast, you will find dozens of gorgeous pristine little stretches of beach to enjoy all to yourself.

The best bit – no matter what time of year you arrive, it’s pretty much guaranteed you will be there on your own, to enjoy sunsets like these!

Best for – Sunsets & exploration. It takes a bit of walking around to find the best spot, but once you do you will fall in love with the landscape, sea and the sunset colours!

Avoid – There are certain hot-spots that are a little crowded during the high season.

Also, as much as I love nature, most people are still plain ignorant and consider the nature a dump ground. You will find lots of rubbish along your way, so I always carry a plastic bag to collect it as you search for your picnic spot.

august cyprus picnic

3. Paphos Old Town

Few years ago there is no way I would have recommended a tour of Paphos old town for a bit of photography. Luckily, the money from the district was this time invested in the development of the highly neglected old parts of the city and it really shows.

There is gorgeous street art everywhere and old buildings with a new breath of life.

Just wandering around the town you will find plenty of gorgeous backdrops for photography and unlike the beaches, the old town is pretty much deserted even in summer.

Best for – early morning walks on nearly empty streets. Much easier to find places to take photos on your own, without including other people in your pictures.

Avoid – there are still a lot of undeveloped areas around the center of the town that desperately need attention and look more run down than rustic chic.

paphos old town

4. Koulla’s Sandwiches

This little place is on the drive from Polis towards Pomos, you will find the exact location in my older post here.

We found it completely empty and even though it’s a little rough around the edges, the views from here are absolutely breathtaking. There is a little path that leads down the hill where you can sit on a bench and take some photos.

Best for – fifty shades of blue. Stunning views any time of the day.

Avoid – mid-day sun is the harshest, especially in open outdoor locations like this. Ideally, you would want to get there in the AM hours or close to sunset.

koullas sandwiches pyrgos

5. Akamas Peninsula

No matter what time of the year, you will always find breathtaking photography spots in Akamas Peninsula. It’s so wast and lush (compared to the rest of the island, especially in summer) and it feels a lot more private and special.

For the best vantage point, take a hike up the Aphrodite trail to experience views you will never forget. Don’t forget to take plenty of water and some snacks as it’s not a hike that feels like a Sunday stroll through the town.

One of my favourite things ever was doing picnics at sunset, just at the edge of Akamas, a short drive away from Peyia (Paphos).

Best for – sunset views, great vantage point overlooking the whole peninsula and blue lagoon, retreat from the sun in summer. Best experiences in early spring.

Avoid – during season the area around Aphrodite Baths can get quite crowded and during summer it’s obviously not the best idea to hike in the middle of the day when the temperatures are at their highest.

Avoid any fancy outfits and shoes and opt for something comfortable, you will thank yourself later.

akamas cyprus 16

6. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon may be a bit remote for most people visiting the island since it’s not close to one of the tourist hot spots. However, there are really easy ways to get there with a boat or quad bike – and that’s an adventure on its own!

I always visited the Blue Lagoon for a full day trip, so never experienced what it actually looks like during sunset. If you’re spending holiday on the other side of the island, Cape Greco is pretty close to what you would have seen in Blue Lagoon.

Take a group boat trip at very affordable prices or rent a private boat to make your own schedule. Alternatively, rent a quad bike and drive there from the direction of Lara Beach – the climb down the steep cliffs on foot has to be done carefully and in spots that have been previously used (these are easy to spot).

Best for – the feeling of Caribbean in the middle of Cyprus. Gorgeous turquoise clear waters as a backdrop, suitable even for bad swimmers as myself.

Avoid – as you would imagine, in summer it can get crowded so taking a good photo might pose a bit of a challenge.

There can be anywhere between 5 to 10 boats parked here at the same time. Best tip? Rent your own boat and head there early in the morning when its nearly empty.


7. Euphoria Art Land

It’s the first time that I include a hotel as one of the photography hot spots, but from the pictures below you will see why.

This is such a special place, not because of the quality of art, but also because of the labour of love and patience that went into creating this masterpiece in the middle of nowhere.

Check my detailed report here and here to get a full idea of just how gorgeous this place is and how welcoming its owner were.

Best for – a unique taste of Cyprus to ignite all your senses and make you feel like you’re visiting a private island.

Avoid – if you’re coming there just to take the pictures I have to warn you this is a place of accommodation, so pay for your stay and you’re free to take as many photos as you want. Don’t drive there unannounced.

euphoria art land 1 62

8. Sea You Beach Bar

The crowning glory of Paphos.

Yes, we might not be blessed with plenty of cool-looking beach bars as Limassol, but this one certainly makes up for it. And it has one thing that Limassol can never compete on – sunset views!

Located between Kissonerga and Coral Bay, this beach bar will quickly grab your attention as you drive past.

I wrote about it in detail here and it’s becoming more popular every year, with new developments and improvements being done to the place itself and also the menu.

Best for – sunset drinks, cool and quirky decor, yoga classes at sunset, private beach with shower and toilets. Stunning backdrop for sunset pictures and the best place to enjoy a cocktail in good company.

Avoid – don’t expect to turn up here without a reservation and to get a table.

During sunset, the place looks like an ocean of smartphones all pointing to the direction of the sunset. Get there early enough to take some private photos and for sunset, head to the beach next to it.

sea you beach bar paphos

9. Sea Caves

This natural wonder is available on both sides of the island – in Peyia / Coral Bay area and in Ayia Napa / Cape Greco.

No matter where you find yourself, these natural cave formations look like something that’s been cut out from Grecian Odyssey.

Best for – swimming anytime during the day, peaceful way to enjoy the sea all to yourself, natural sea pools, cool sunset photos, cool jumping to sea photos.

Avoid – be careful when moving in and about, injuries can happen easier than you think.

cyprus october 2018 2

10. Troodos Villages

Got tired of the beaches? Head to the villages in Troodos!

In addition to gorgeous old architecture, friendly locals and the occasional farm animal, you will also get a chance to experience the local wineries and enjoy a welcomed retreat from the scorching sun.

Best for – cool and quirky local buildings and local way of life, monasteries, wineries and experiences that don’t make you feel like a tourist.

Avoid – some of the villages are very popular by locals (Kakopetria) so they are busy even in the summer months.

casale panayiotis kalopanayiotis cyprus 134

11. Nicosia Old Town

Nicosia is full of contrast and old charm. It’s the only remaining divided capital in the world so that on its own is quite a luring aspect of your visit.

Nicosia is full of old charming buildings, hidden away alleys, and also plenty of places around the borders with no photography allowed.

As you cross to the Northern occupied territory, it will feel like you’ve truly entered a different country.

If you’re planning to visit Nicosia, make sure you plan ahead and reserve enough time to see the best bits – usually a weekend is more than enough.

Best for – unique backdrops with traditional architecture, gorgeous coloured houses and some romantic-looking ruins.

Avoid – it gets super HOT in Nicosia in summer. If you’re visiting at that time, make sure you take your tour in the early mornings or late evenings.

nicosia cyprus 30

12. Stavrovouni Monastery

This was one of the last monasteries I discovered and obviously didn’t do my due diligence as after we drove there all the way from Paphos we discovered only men are allowed inside the monastery itself.

Still, the drive here is absolutely amazing and the views are to die for! Especially close to sunset.

Best for – as mentioned above, gorgeous view from a high-up vantage point.

Avoid – if you’re hoping to get some photos inside, send your other half with a camera, women are not allowed.


13. Kourion, Limassol

Unlike most of the tourist sights in Cyprus, this one offers some of the best views with an extensive beach under your feet.

The site itself is pretty vast and spectacular, so a full day for such a trip is a pretty good idea.

Once your’e done with the sightseeing and taking photos, you can drive down the hill to the gorgeous beach and enjoy a lunch or early dinner in one of the beach restaurants.

Best for – history with a view.

Avoid – high season it can get pretty crowded and hard to get a decent picture with the historic relics. If you arrive once they open or close to closing times you stand better chances.


14. Adonis Baths

As I always do when I mention this place, I have to warn you it’s a bit of a tourist trap. First, it’s a privately owned piece of land so you will have to pay a fee to get in – last time it was around 8 euro per person (correct price at the time of writing), which is pretty steep for Cyprus standards (for a place in the middle of nowhere).

Secondly, the road leading there is not exactly a smooth ride so you end up risking damaging your rental car in order to get there. A quadbike is a better option but still, you will struggle to get passed the big holes and massive rocks on the way.

Once you make it there though, it’s pretty lush, shaded, and with very cool water – a very welcome retreat from the summer heat in Cyprus.

Best for – get there early in the morning before it gets crowded to get the best pictures

Avoid – if you’re hoping this is some private paradise or undiscovered gem of the island you’re very much mistaken. It’s as busy as any of the other tourists spots, so adjust your expectations before you head over there.

adonis baths waterfalls paphos

15. Agios Georgios

Probably the most underrated area of Paphos.

The harbour area of Agios Georgios is absolutely breathtaking with clear blue waters, gorgeous traditional fishing boats, sea caves, and plenty of space for quad bike exploration.

What more can you ask for?

Best for – stunning backdrops that are almost never crowded or too busy. Never seen it at sunset but it must be pretty spectacular.

Avoid – I find it hard to point out anything that’s wrong here. Perhaps the lack of restaurant options. There is one at the edge of the cliffs which is a seafood taverna, decent enough for salads or similar but the view certainly makes up for the average food quality and lack of any decent decor.

st george cyprus 28

16. Grape by the Sea, Kato Pyrgos

It was quite a drive to find this place, but it was so worth it.

Took me about 3 hours to get here from Paphos, on a leisure speed and while stopping on the way. This place in Kato Pyrgos is a little gem still not discovered by a lot of people and one that offers a very native and pristine experience of eating & drinking right next to the crashing waves.

If you’re adventurous, you can continue passed the village and enter a crossing point to Northern Cyprus (more on that topic later).

Best for – unique taste of Cyprus – a route less traveled – more original photography backdrop, serene place to spend an afternoon watching the waves and seeing the hills of Turkey in the background.

Avoid – this is not a place where you would come for a quick stopover. The drive itself takes a long time so make sure you plan activities or places to see in and around there.

grape by the sea kato pyrgos

17. Monastery in Omodos

For such a small island, Cyprus is blessed with lots and lots of monasteries, big and small, old and new.

Some are harder to reach than others as they tend to be located in the middle of the mountains. I would say Omodos along with the Tala Monastery is one of the easiest ones to visit any time of the year.

Best for – historic sites with a unique twist, experiencing a bit of history that’s not reduced to exhibits in a museum.

Avoid – if there is an ongoing service in the monastery church, you shouldn’t be taking photos. Obviously the monks themselves are not too keen for you to take photos of them either.

omodos village

18. Paphos Harbour Coastal Path

Paphos Harbour is usually a place where you would find plenty of overpriced tourist restaurant traps, street sellers and lots and lots of people.

But, close to sunset, you can move away from that and take the more scenic route that starts just behind the Paphos Castle. The coastal pathway wraps around the edge of the Archaeological Park and continues for a few kilometers.

At sunset, it offers spectacular spots to watch the sun glide behind the horizon while having a space for yourself to enjoy this spectacle of Mother Nature.

Best for – sunset, absolutely – any time of year!

Avoid – it’s not exactly too pretty at mid-day – the harsh sunlight really doesn’t do any justice to the location.

paphos harbour cyprus 27

That’s all from my own list!

Have you got places of your own that you love? Leave a comment below!

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