Cyprus Honeymoon: The Complete Honeymoon Guide [2024]

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Are you planning your Cyprus honeymoon?

Do you wonder if it’s a good honeymoon destination and whether there are nice hotels to choose from?

These and many other questions you might have will be comprehensively covered in this article!

I’ve been living in Cyprus for 6.5 years and got married there too (in Minthis Hills), so I know firsthand what the island has to offer.

Enjoy the guide below!

In the azure embrace of the Mediterranean Sea lies an island caressed by history, culture and a distinctly captivating charm—Cyprus.

Neither purely European nor Middle Eastern, but a dazzling blend of both, Cyprus is perhaps one of the most underrated honeymoon destinations in the world.

Its rich cultural tapestry weaves stories from Greek mythology, Roman history, and Ottoman empire; a confluence that lends this island nation an almost magnetic allure.

From its sun-kissed coastlines to its undulating hillsides cloaked in vineyards and olive groves, Cyprus promises a diverse palette of experiences for newlyweds seeking to celebrate their love.

The island is not merely about its natural splendor or historic wonders; it’s also about the warmth and hospitality Cypriots are known for.

As local lore goes, it was here that Aphrodite—the goddess of love—chose to rise from the sea foam.

This myth seems utterly believable as you step onto this enchanting land where romance permeates each cobblestone alleyway and lingers in every sunset.

Euphoria Art Land hotel near Limassol
If you want a truly unique stay for your honeymoon in Cyprus, Euphoria Art Land certainly ticks all the boxes!

Why Choose Cyprus for Your Honeymoon?

The Romantic Allure of Aphrodite’s Island

Cyprus, the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, exudes an irresistible charm that makes it a dreamy destination for honeymooners.

The island is shrouded in a mystical allure that illuminates its rich history and vibrant culture.

This enchanting ambiance is particularly palpable as you wander through its ancient ruins, stroll along its pristine beaches under a canopy of stars or gaze out into the Mediterranean from atop a scenic cliff.

The romance of Cyprus goes beyond just its landscapes; it’s embedded in every aspect of local life.

The warmth and hospitality of the Cypriots make you feel welcomed and cherished – like being invited into an extended family.

This pervasive sense of affection augments the romantic vibe and complements your honeymoon experience impeccably.

The Rock of Aphrodite near Limassol
The Rock of Aphrodite near Limassol

Embracing Diversity: A Melange of Memorable Experiences

One might question what makes Cyprus stand out from other popular honeymoon destinations. The secret lies in its diversity – offering couples an amalgamation of experiences that cater to varied tastes.

Whether you are history buffs eager to explore UNESCO World Heritage sites, beach lovers longing for sun-soaked afternoons by the sea, or adrenaline junkies keen on diving adventures – Cyprus has it all!

Furthermore, Cypriot cuisine is a delectable adventure on its own – a heady blend of Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern flavors offering romantic culinary escapades for gastronomically inclined couples.

Best Time to Visit: When Cupid Strikes in Cyprus

Cyprus Climate

Cyprus, often fondly referred to as ‘The Island of Love’, is blessed with a Mediterranean climate which means it enjoys long, warm summers and mild winters.

Summer extends from mid-May to mid-October with temperatures often soaring above 30°C (86°F).

If sun-drenched days and balmy nights fit your ideal honeymoon vision, then summer is an ideal time to visit.

By contrast, winter in this picturesque island runs from December till February.

Temperatures drop down considerably but remain mild by general standards, hovering around 13-15°C (55-59°F).

The climate presents an opportunity for those looking for a quieter retreat with fewer tourists around.

It could also be quite magical to explore the historical sites devoid of the usual crowd or enjoy peaceful beach walks on cooler days.

sea views near Agios Georgios in Paphos, Cyprus
Your winter honeymoon in Cyprus could also look like this! (Agios Georgios near Paphos)

Peak vs Off-Peak Travel Periods

The peak travel period in Cyprus aligns with its summer season when the island pulsates with life.

Festivals fill the air with music and dance, beach parties are aplenty and restaurants are abuzz till late into the night. For couples who thrive on lively atmospheres and social interactions, this period can be enticing despite being crowded.

Off-peak periods offer a different charm altogether.

From November through March, Cyprus sees fewer tourists resulting in a much calmer ambiance perfect for private romantic getaways.

Prices for accommodations tend to be lower during these times which can make luxury stays more affordable.

Moreover, if your idea of romance leans more towards shared adventures rather than sunbathing sessions, winters present magnificent vistas when hills turn green and wildflowers dot landscapes.

Choosing between peak or off-peak periods essentially depends on what you value most in your honeymoon – a vibrant, bustling experience or a tranquil, intimate escape.

Either way, love is perennially in the air in Cyprus.

A Haven of Luxury: Resorts for the Besotted Duo

Immerse yourself in opulence at one of Cyprus’ luxury resorts – sanctuaries that abound with indulgence and tranquillity. Take, for example, the Anassa Resort.

This palatial retreat, perched elegantly on the edge of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, offers newlyweds an experience that is nothing short of regal. Each suite is a cocoon of comfort and elegance, complete with private balconies offering panoramic vistas.

Another noteworthy mention is the Elysium Hotel in Paphos – a haven where contemporary comfort meets timeless charm.

Boasting world-class amenities such as rejuvenating spas and gourmet dining options, these resorts elevate your honeymoon to an unforgettable escapade of love and luxury.

Londa Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus
Londa Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus

Boutique Hotels with a Cypriot Touch

For those seeking intimate settings intertwined with local allure, Cyprus offers an array of quaint boutique hotels that are imprinted with local touchstones.

One such treasure is The Library Hotel Wellness Retreat located in Kalavasos village. This intimate hideaway brims with nostalgia; each room is themed after various literary genres – a perfect abode for bibliophile couples.

Similarly enchanting is Casale Panayiotis nestled amidst the Marathasa Valley’s tranquil scenery.

Its rooms offer captivating views over traditional tiled rooftops and winding cobbled streets or serene mountainsides – whispering tales of olden times while providing all modern comforts.

the courtyard and restaurant at Casale Panayiotis
Enjoying a glass of champagne at Casale Panayiotis

The Road Less Traveled: Immerse into Unique Accommodations

For those who desire more unorthodox accommodations – Cyprus does not disappoint.

Picture this: A charming Villa in Pomos village sequestered amidst verdant gardens overlooking an infinity pool towards the ceaseless blue sea – nothing less than paradise found! Then there are beach huts like those in Governor’s Beach.

The huts, equipped with modern amenities, offer honeymooners a unique chance to fall asleep to the lullaby of crashing waves and awaken to the symphony of a serene sunrise.

The unconventional accommodations in this Mediterranean paradise cater to every whim and fancy – ensuring that your first trip as newlyweds is truly one for the books!

Exotic touches in a bathroom of Euphoria Art Land, near Limassol
Exotic touches in a bathroom of Euphoria Art Land, near Limassol

The Romantic Experiences of Cyprus

Top Romantic Spots and Activities

Unquestionably, Cyprus harbors enchanting spots that are sure to kindle the romance.

Among these is the Aphrodite’s Rock, a celebrated sea stack where Aphrodite herself is believed to have emerged from the waves.

As you watch the sun set over this poetic landscape, hand in hand with your loved one, you’ll understand why it’s christened as ‘Petra tou Romiou’, or ‘Rock of the Greek’.

The golden sands and azure waters offer a tranquil setting that begs for shared picnics and relaxed beach walks.

If seclusion is what you seek, head towards Lara Beach. This hidden gem offers calm, unspoilt natural beauty perfect for couples seeking solitude.

Alternatively, embark on an unforgettable journey aboard a private yacht charter from Latchi Harbour.

Glide along the Akamas Peninsula coastline with a glass of champagne in hand as you cherish each other’s company against this breathtaking backdrop.

Sunset picnic at Akamas National Park
Sunset picnic at Akamas National Park

Experiencing Local Culture Together

Immersing yourselves in Cypriot culture can add another layer to your romantic getaway.

Attend traditional folk music performances or learn folk dances at cultural festivals like the Limassol Carnival or Anogyra Pastelli Festival together; these vibrant celebrations can give you both delightful memories and deeper appreciation for Cypriot traditions.

You could also visit Cyprus’ charming villages frozen in time such as Omodos or Lefkara, where narrow cobbled streets whisper tales of yesteryears and locals welcome visitors with heartwarming hospitality.

Here you can observe artisans meticulously creating intricate laces and filigree silverwork – unique souvenirs to remind you of an unforgettable honeymoon.

Exclusive Couple’s Spa & Wellness Experiences

After days filled with exploration and adventure, there’s nothing more relaxing than a couple’s spa experience.

Cyprus is home to several world-class wellness centers offering unique treatments.

The Anassa Hotel, for instance, features traditional Roman-style Thalassa spa with an enticing menu of marine-based therapies.

Imagine lying side by side as skilled therapists knead away the stress from your bodies, leaving you both refreshed and rejuvenated.

Or perhaps you’d prefer the luxury Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort, nestled in Miliou’s lush valley.

Here you can indulge in exclusive mineral-rich spring water treatments that are said to have healing properties.

As your bodies soak in soothing baths or receive nourishing wraps under expert hands, you’ll find more than just physical relaxation – it’s an intimate journey of reconnecting and rekindling love.

Wellness retreat of Ayii Anargyri
Wellness retreat of Ayii Anargyri

Indulging in Aphrodite’s Cuisine

Savoring traditional Cypriot food

A trip to Cyprus is incomplete without immersing yourself in the delightful tapestry of its culinary ethos. After all, what is a honeymoon if not an opportunity to indulge your senses?

Cypriot cuisine is an exotic blend of Greek and Middle Eastern influences, with a touch of Armenian and Turkish accents.

Start your day with a breakfast staple, Halloumi – a unique semi-hard cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk that can be grilled or fried without losing its shape.

For lunch, delve into the realms of ‘meze’ – an assortment of small dishes served as appetizers in parts of the Middle East, Greece, and North Africa.

In Cyprus, meze often includes local specialties such as Taramosalata (a creamy dip made from fish roe), Tzatziki (a herby yogurt dip), Sheftalia (Cypriot sausages), Moussaka (layered baked eggplant and mince meat), Stifado (a rich beef stew) or Afelia (pork marinated in red wine).

Each bite reveals new layers of flavor profiles that are distinct yet harmonious.

Typical Cyprus food at Casale Panayiotis resort
Typical Cyprus food at Casale Panayiotis resort

Wine Tasting at Local Vineyards

In Cyprus, wine-making has been more than just a tradition; it is part of their cultural heritage dating back 6000 years.

And so, no epicurean exploration could possibly be complete without savoring this liquid ambrosia.

The island hosts various vineyards that offer intimate wine tasting tours – perfect for newlyweds seeking romantic escapades amidst lush landscapes.

These vineyards are characterized by their indigenous grape varieties like Xynisteri for white wine and Maratheftiko for red, which produce wines with a unique character and depth.

A trip to the Commandaria region, known for producing the sweet dessert wine that shares its name, is an absolute must. Commandaria has a rich history and is often referred to as ‘the oldest wine in the world’.

Its sweetness is perfectly balanced by the sharpness of its flavor, making it an excellent pairing for your dessert or cheese platter.

Indeed, a wine tasting tour in Cyprus promises not just splendid wines but also an enchanting journey through time.

cyprus honeymoon winery
Vouni Panayia winery near Paphos

Romantic Dinner Spots

Considering that romance is essentially woven into the fabric of Cyrus owing to its association with Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty – it’s a given that there are countless eateries offering intimate settings for those unforgettable candlelit dinners.

The Blue Mediterranean restaurant in Ayia Napa, for instance, offers breathtaking panoramic sea views along with their delectable Cypriot cuisine.

Similarly, Dionysus Mansion in Limassol combines modern cuisine with lush garden settings providing a truly mesmerizing dining experience.

If you desire something more private and unique, Cyprus does not disappoint either. Imagine having dinner aboard a luxury yacht as you sail across the serene waters under a blanket of stars – this is what ‘The Love Boat’ charter offers newlyweds seeking exclusivity coupled with romance.

Or perhaps you’d prefer dinner under vine-covered pergolas by the beach?

Then head towards ‘The Pelican Restaurant’ at Kissonerga beach in Paphos which offers such whimsical setting along with their culinary delights.

Dionysus Restaurant in Limassol
Dionysus Restaurant in Limassol

Adventurous Escapades

A Breath of Fresh Air: Exploring the Outdoors

If you and your partner have a predilection for outdoor escapades, Cyprus will serve as a veritable playground.

The intriguing topography of the island is stippled with hiking trails that snake their way through verdant forests, wind-swept hills, and majestic mountain ranges.

Among the most popular are those found within Troodos Mountain; its kaleidoscopic landscape adorned with gurgling streams, fragrant pine trees, and Byzantine monasteries is nothing short of enchanting.

If you prefer freewheeling exploration, rent out bikes and follow one of the many cycling paths laid out across Cyprus.

The coastline routes offer breathtaking views of azure waters juxtaposed against rocky cliffs or sandy beaches.

Or perhaps you’d like to delve beneath the sea—it’s no hyperbole to assert that Cyprus offers some of the best diving spots in Europe.

You can swim through underwater caves teeming with marine life or explore wrecks such as Zenobia—a transport ferry that sunk in 1980.

Riding the Waves: Adrenaline-Packed Activities

For those couples who revel in adrenaline rushes that quicken your pulse and leave an indelible memory etched into your mind, Cyprus doesn’t disappoint either.

Paragliding over azure Mediterranean waters gives not just an adrenaline kick but a unique perspective on this sun-kissed island. Soaring high above the earth allows panoramic views over rugged coastlines and bustling beachside resorts – it’s truly an exhilarating experience.

Water sports enthusiasts will find an extensive array to choose from—ranging from parasailing, jet-skiing to windsurfing—each promising a riveting adventure on Cypriot waters.

Meanwhile, off-roading in 4×4 vehicles across the Akamas Peninsula offers a blend of thrill and scenic beauty.

The rugged terrain, dotted with dense forests, deep gorges and sweeping bays, makes for an exciting ride.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker yearning for an adrenaline rush or a nature lover seeking serenity amidst natural splendors, Cyprus provides an idyllic backdrop against which to create unforgettable memories on your honeymoon.

The Hidden Gems of Cyprus

Untouched Shores and Unassuming Towns

While the allure of Cyprus often lies in its crystal-clear beaches and bustling towns, there’s an undeniable charm in its lesser-known locales.

Delve into the untouched shores away from the tourist-laden regions for a more intimate bond with nature. Governors Beach, nestled between Limassol and Larnaca, is a cove of tranquillity with its black sands and white rocks.

Its seclusion makes it a serene escape perfect for honeymooners seeking solitude. Take time to meander through unassuming towns that are bursting with authentic Cypriot life.

Embark on a journey towards Fikardou, an enchanting village frozen in time.

The cobblestone paths, rustic stone houses adorned with vibrant bougainvillea, and friendly village folk make Fikardou a heartwarming detour away from the usual tourist trail.

coastline cafeteria on the road to Kato pyrgos with beautiful sea views
Finding hidden gems on the road to Kato Pyrgos

Unearthing History’s Hidden Pieces

Cyprus is steeped in captivating history that goes beyond its iconic sites such as Paphos’ Tombs of the Kings or Limassol Castle.

Take your beloved by hand to explore archaeological sites off-the-beaten-path that hold stories waiting to be told.

Venture into the ancient city of Amathus on Limassol’s eastern outskirts – one of Cyprus’ oldest city-kingdoms where remnants echo tales from times immemorial. Amathus ruins include an acropolis providing sweeping views across Agios Tychonas beach below.

In Cyprus, love isn’t just found in grand gestures or luxurious settings – it’s also interwoven within quiet moments of discovery in places where few others have tread.

So, take your loved one by the hand and step into these hidden gems, as you etch your own love story into the timeless tapestry of Cyprus.

Tips & Tricks for an Amazing Cyprus Honeymoon

Embarking on a Cyprus honeymoon is indeed a magical journey, but to make it even more memorable, it’s beneficial to pack some key insights alongside your swimwear and sunglasses.

First and foremost, always respect the local customs and traditions.

Cypriots are renowned for their warm hospitality and friendliness; reciprocating this level of respect will enhance your overall experience.

It’s also in your best interest to learn a few phrases in Greek. Simple words like “Kalimera” (good morning) or “Efharisto” (thank you) go a long way in fostering goodwill.

Next, be prepared for the Mediterranean sun.

The island is blessed with radiant sunshine most of the year; thus, always carry sunscreen with you.

Furthermore, try to reserve your outdoor activities for early morning or late afternoon when temperatures are more agreeable.

Remember that while you’re sailing on azure waters or tasting wine at charming vineyards, staying hydrated is essential.

sea views near Kato Pyrgos in Cyprus
Enjoying the Cyprus sun near Kato Pyrgos


Planning a honeymoon in Cyprus guarantees an unmatched blend of romance and adventure wrapped up in Mediterranean warmth.

With its stunning landscapes woven together with threads of history and culture – all touched by an undeniable aura of romance – this island paradise truly offers newlyweds the chance to create timeless memories.

Cyprus stands as an eternal testament to love itself – after all, it’s said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite herself!

As you embrace each other amidst sun-kissed beaches or under starlit skies whispering ancient tales, remember that this enchanting journey you’ve embarked upon mirrors the essence of marriage itself – discovering uncharted territories together while cherishing every shared moment.

May the spirit of Cyprus fill your hearts with joy and spark a flame that lasts a lifetime.

Here’s to a honeymoon that’s as beautiful as your love story and just the beginning of a lifelong adventure together!

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