What To Do in Cyprus in January: Local Expert Guide [2024]

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Are you wondering what to do in Cyprus in January?

Is it a good destination for winter sun, and what’s the weather like? Are there enough activities to keep you busy, even on the rainy days?

These and all of your other questions will be covered in this complete guide, detailing experiences and insights from my 6.5 years living in Cyprus. Enjoy!

Despite being the coldest month in Cyprus, January temperatures are relatively mild compared to other European destinations. Highs usually range from 16°C to 19°C with lows dipping around 8°C at night.

It’s a crisp chill rather than biting cold – perfect for exploring outdoor treasures without breaking a sweat or freezing your toes off.

The charm does not stop with the temperature though.

Winter brings a softer light that enhances the natural beauty of the island.

Imagine watching golden sunsets over lapping waves while savoring aromatic Cypriot coffee or taking long walks along deserted beaches – it’s pure bliss!

Wild seaside in January in Paphos, Cyprus
Wild seaside in January in Paphos, Cyprus

The Advantage of Off-Season Travel

January is considered off-peak season in Cyprus which comes with significant advantages.

One of the most fantastic aspects is that this captivating island becomes less crowded, giving you ample space and time to soak up its beauty at your own pace – devoid of summer’s tourist hordes.

Since it’s not peak holiday season, you’d also be able to find better deals on flights and accommodation than during summertime when prices surge due to high demand.

For budget-conscious travelers who seek value-for-money experiences without compromising on quality or enjoyment – this could be music to your ears!

Additionally, traveling during off-season means gaining more genuine insights into Cypriot culture as the pace of life slows down.

With fewer tourists to attend to, locals have more time to engage in conversations and share their stories, adding authenticity and depth to your travel experience.

Moody winter day in Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Moody winter day in Kato Paphos, Cyprus

What To Do in Cyprus in January: Outdoors

1. Troodos Mountains and Akamas Peninsula

Venture through dense pine forests and traditional villages as you navigate well-marked hiking trails dotted with waterfalls and aromatic herbs. The Akamas Peninsula is another hiker’s paradise worth exploring – it’s an unspoiled wilderness area that deserves your unhurried attention.

Walk along its rugged coastal paths to find secluded coves, sea caves, and fascinating geological formations; all against a backdrop of dazzling blues of the Mediterranean Sea. In January, you may have these natural treasures almost to yourself.

Both regions are part of the European Long-Distance Path E4, offering opportunities for multi-day hikes if you’re up for a challenge. But whether you seek adrenaline or tranquility, trekking in either Troodos or Akamas will reward you with inspiring winter scenery and a profound sense of connection with nature.

Snowy landscapes in Troodos Mountains
Snowy landscapes in Troodos Mountains

2. Skiing on Mount Olympus

One may not typically associate Cyprus with skiing – but yes indeed, you can swap sandy beach for snowy slope on this multifaceted island!

Located in Troodos Mountains’ heart is Mount Olympus, boasting four ski slopes catered towards different skill levels. So whether you’re a seasoned skier or just starting out, there’s something to suit your winter sports appetite here.

The skiing season typically runs from January until March depending on snowfall – meaning visiting in January could very well land ski enthusiasts right into their element.

Add to this the novelty factor of skiing in a land more renowned for its summer sun, and you have a uniquely Cypriot experience not to be missed.

And after an exhilarating day on the slopes, nothing beats indulging in a cup of hot Cyprus coffee at the cozy chalet nestled at the mountain’s base.

Here you can also rent all necessary skiing equipment – so there’s no need to lug your gear along on your Mediterranean getaway.

Snowy landscapes in Troodos Mountains
Snowy landscapes in Troodos Mountains

3. Flamingos at Larnaca Salt Lake

If you are an avian enthusiast, then Cyprus’s winter season has another unexpected delight awaiting you. Each year between November and March, Larnaca Salt Lake becomes a haven for thousands of migratory flamingos.

Their striking pink plumes against the crisp winter light make for an awe-inspiring spectacle that could be straight out of an Attenborough documentary! These elegant birds treat Larnaca’s lake as their winter residence, feeding on the rich supply of brine shrimp found in its waters.

The best time to observe them is around sunrise or sunset – when their vivid hues truly come alive. It’s not just flamingos either; with over 200 bird species recorded here, Larnaca Salt Lake is a veritable paradise for bird lovers.

So why not pull up a chair and enjoy nature’s theatre? Arm yourself with binoculars and patience – watching these fascinating creatures wading through shimmering salt flats will be worth every second spent in chilly January air!

What to do in Cyprus in January: Culture & Art

4. Paphos Archaeological Park

Begin your cultural odyssey in Cyprus with a trip back in time at Paphos Archaeological Park.

Once the ancient city of Nea Pafos, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an unrivaled window into the past.

Stroll amidst these millennia-old ruins that whisper tales of Roman opulence. The Houses of Dionysus, Theseus and Aion are particularly notable for their remarkably preserved mosaic floors depicting vivid mythological scenes.

Don’t miss the Odeon, a well-preserved amphitheatre built entirely from limestone blocks, which still hosts occasional performances today.

The Tombs of the Kings, though devoid of royal burials despite their grandiose name, impress visitors with their regal ambiance enhanced by Doric pillars and ancient frescoes adorning burial chambers hewn from solid rock.

A winter visit to Paphos Archaeological Park has its own charm – fewer crowds allow for a contemplative exploration of ancient relics without interruption.

And remember to take some time simply to breathe in the air imbued with history and stare out at the azure Mediterranean Sea lapping at the nearby shore.

Paphos Archaeological Park
Ancient ruins at Paphos Archaeological Park

5. Painted Churches in Troodos Region

Moving forward through time yet still ensconced firmly within antiquity, Cyprus’ interior Troodos region is home to an expanse of Byzantine churches that remains one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.

Encased within each compact structure is an array of vibrantly coloured frescos on biblical themes – artistry evolved over centuries from simple geometric patterns to grand biblical narratives infused with Byzantine sensibilities.

The Church of St John Lampadistis, located in the village of Kalopanayiotis, is a prime example. It houses a notable trove of 11th to 17th-century frescoes.

The Archangelos Michael church in Pedoulas also boasts an impressive display of murals and a uniquely carved wooden iconostasis.

However, it’s the Asinou Church, nestled inconspicuously amidst almond and olive groves, that steals the show with its vibrantly preserved paintings from various periods.

Not only are these churches visually stunning; they are also silent narrators of Cyprus’ tumultuous history and rich culture. Each visit is like peeling back layers upon layers of an ancient living palimpsest.

Church in Omodos Village, Cyprus
Church in Omodos Village, Cyprus

6. Nicosia’s Art Galleries

Fast forward to modern times without leaving the realm of art in Cyprus’ bustling capital, Nicosia.

Known for its vibrant art scene, this city can satisfy even the most discerning contemporary art enthusiast.

The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre (NiMAC), housed within a beautifully converted power station building, is worth visiting for both its architectural allure and its compelling exhibits celebrating local and international artists alike.

Another stop on your cultural itinerary should be Point Centre for Contemporary Art which regularly hosts thought-provoking exhibitions addressing socio-political issues through diverse artistic mediums.

Make sure you swing by The Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum – apart from showcasing modern Cypriot visual arts through its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions; it also offers engaging workshops for those who might want to dabble in creating some art themselves while on holiday!

What to do in Cyprus in January: Foodie’s Guide

7. Warm Up with Traditional Dishes: Moussaka and Souvla

As the winter chill descends upon the island, nothing beats the warmth of traditional Cypriot cuisine.

Take for instance Moussaka – a luscious layered dish comprising sautéed eggplant or potatoes, minced meat and creamy béchamel sauce.

This oven-baked delicacy is synonymous with Cypriot hospitality and is guaranteed to warm you from within.

Then there’s Souvla – skewered chunks of pork or chicken slow-cooked over a charcoal grill.

A fixture at family gatherings and celebrations, this smoky, succulent specialty is best enjoyed straight off the spit.

Pair it with a side of crisp village salad and freshly baked bread for an authentic island feast that speaks volumes about Cyprus’s culinary heritage.

Traditional Cypriot meze at Kolios winery
Traditional Cypriot meze at Kolios winery

8. Wine Tasting in Limassol’s Vineyards

A trip to Cyprus would be incomplete without sampling its remarkable wines – integral to the island’s culture since ancient times.

Limassol’s vineyards offer exquisite wine tasting sessions during January’s crisp days.

Here you’ll discover how grapes kissed by Mediterranean sun transform into vibrant bottles of Commandaria – dubbed ‘the wine of kings’.

Walk among dormant vines as knowledgeable vintners share secrets about their time-honored production methods.

Then retreat into cozy cellars for tastings where each sip unravels notes of history etched within every glass – from full-bodied reds echoing Byzantine resilience, to fragrant whites whispering tales of Aphrodite’s isle.

Ayia Mavri Winery
Ayia Mavri Winery

What to do in Cyprus in January: Wellness

9. Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa

Nestled amidst the verdant expanse of the Paphos Forest, the Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa, with a miraculous history dating back to 1649, is one of Cyprus’ hidden treasures.

The spa takes its name from two saintly brothers who were renowned for performing healing miracles. Today, visitors flock to this tranquil oasis to soak in its restorative mineral-rich waters.

The thermal springs at Ayii Anargyri offer a unique composition of Sulphur and minerals that have been recognized for centuries for their remarkable therapeutic benefits. The soothing waters are ideal for alleviation from arthritic or rheumatic pains and skin conditions.

Coupled with the serene ambience of the surrounding forest, a session in these natural pools can be both a healing and revitalizing experience. Apart from soaking in these legendary springs, guests can also opt for invigorating spa treatments offered on-site.

From classical massages using aromatic oils to holistic therapies like reflexology – there’s something tailored for everyone’s comfort.

The nurturing therapists ensure you leave feeling renewed and refreshed – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The retreat and hotel of Ayii Anargyri
The retreat and hotel of Ayii Anargyri

10. Luxury Wellness Retreats

While Cyprus is steeped in rich history and vibrant culture, it is equally esteemed for its high-end wellness retreats that redefine relaxation experiences.

These luxurious resorts combine Cypriot hospitality with world-class amenities – offering an exquisite amalgamation of relaxation, rejuvenation, and luxury.

One such haven of tranquillity is the award-winning Anassa Hotel. Situated on the pristine shores of Latchi Beach overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea; it’s an epitome of opulence meets wellness.

The hotel’s Thalassa Spa offers an array of treatments inspired by traditional Cypriot practices. They utilize local ingredients like olive oil, citrus fruits, and local herbs to create a sensory journey that nourishes both body and soul.

Another stellar name in Cyprus’ wellness landscape is the Retreat Spa at Aphrodite Hills Resort. Known for its indulgent spa therapies and holistic wellness programs, this sanctuary of serenity provides the perfect backdrop to unwind.

With exclusive treatments such as their signature ‘Aphrodite’s Ritual’, guests can immerse themselves in a state of blissful relaxation.

Whether you choose to detoxify with a seaweed wrap treatment or surrender yourself to their expert masseurs – these luxury retreats promise a pampering experience like no other.

Practical Tips for Visiting Cyprus in January

January is a distinctive time to visit Cyprus, so you’ll need some insider knowledge to make the most of your trip. For starters, pack for a variety of weather conditions.

While coastal areas remain relatively mild with occasional rainfall, mountainous areas can be chilly and snowy.

Therefore, layered clothing is your best bet. Carry waterproof jackets and comfortable walking shoes for outdoor explorations.

The daylight hours are shorter in January– typically around 10 hours per day – but this should not deter you from enjoying the vibrant sights of the island state.

Car rentals are highly recommended because public transportation may not always be reliable or extensive enough to cover all locations.

Do remember that although off-season means fewer tourists and lower costs, it also means that some businesses may be closed or have reduced operating hours. However, most major attractions will remain open.

Coastline of Paphos in January
Coastline of Paphos in January


If January seems too cold for you now – remember there isn’t such a thing as bad weather if you have the right attire! So pack your enthusiasm along with your winter gear and get ready to create unforgettable memories on this Mediterranean gem!

And who knows? If we happen upon each other amidst ancient ruins or over a tantalizing Cypriot meal, I’d be delighted to hear about your unique experiences!

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