15+ Things to Do in Paphos: Travel Tips from Local [2024]

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Planning a holiday in Paphos, Cyprus? That’s amazing news – it happens to be my favorite place on the island!

I’ve lived in Paphos for over 6 years and explored every corner, beach, restaurant and bar it has to offer. If you’re looking for inspiration for what to do in Paphos, here is my complete list – I have avoided some common landmarks on purpose because I don’t think they’re worth the hype.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in!

1. Visit Kato Paphos

Kato Paphos is the area of ‘lower’ Paphos that stretches around the coastline, starting from Paphos Harbour.

While the Harbour area tends to be quite busy in summer and you’re unlikely to find a peaceful place to enjoy the sea view, if you walk further away from it towards the hotels, there is plenty to discover and enjoy!

The coastline is lined with smaller beaches and hotel gardens, small seaside restaurants and gorgeous views all around.

For the perfect one-day walk (a long one!), start with breakfast at Ta Bania (gorgeous views!), continue on a slow pace and sit by the sea until you get hungry.

Head over to the Almyra hotel and enjoy lunch with a view at Notios restaurant. Rested and with a full belly, continue on a slow pace until you reach Suite 48 for sunset cocktails and catch a taxi from there back to the hotel.

Now that’s a day you won’t forget!

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More photos from Kato Paphos Walks

paphos harbour
notios restaurant at almyra hote
paphos harbour
paphos harbour

2. Walk the Coastline Pathway

If you’re visiting the harbour, forget about the crowded main street that stretches around the coast and set on the coastal pathway that leads around the Archaeological Park (which starts behind the Paphos Castle).

At sunset, you will be treated to a spectacular view of the sun gliding behind the horizon and get some exercise at the same time.

You can leave the path later along the way and return to the main road with restaurants and buses (and catch a taxi back if you get too tired or far).

paphos harbour cyprus 31
paphos harbour cyprus 27
paphos harbour cyprus 29

3. Visit the Paphos Archaeological Park

There are only two tourist attractions that I included on this list, only because I think they’re the only ones worth a visit.

The Archaeological Park has to come with a warning – it’s huge! If you’re visiting in summer, make sure you take plenty of water, some snacks and light clothing & comfy shoes.

archeological park paphos cyprus 22
moving to cyprus expectations vs reality
(photos taken in winter – so jackets came handy)
Paphos Archaeological Park
Paphos Archaeological Park

4. Enjoy Breakfast by the Sea at Paphos Harbour

I tell anyone that asks about Paphos to avoid the harbour area at all costs. It’s usually overcrowded with tourists, with bad quality restaurants, street sellers and general commotion that to me makes it impossible to relax.

The only exception is breakfast times.

Nobody is there before 9am in the morning, so you can snap up the best table by the water and enjoy a completely empty restaurant all to yourself.

Most tourists would have breakfast at their hotels and don’t crawl out of bed before 10am, so this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the scenery without all the commotion and with fast service.

Get a table at Theos Restaurant and ask for Cypriot breakfast with fresh orange juice (or if it’s a special occasion, get yourself a glass of Prosecco).

paphos harbour cyprus 14
paphos harbour cyprus 15
paphos harbour cyprus 9

5. Explore Historic Old Town

Paphos old town has been through a major facelift and I almost didn’t recognize it when I visited once the work has been finished.

Streets and buildings got a new lease of life, there is gorgeous street art everywhere, more trees, greenery and gorgeous terraces overlooking the city.

Give yourself a half day to explore and get lost in the winding streets, peruse the old buildings and main square and settle in for a lunch – I recommend Koutouri Ouzeri, just a short walk away from the town hall.

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paphos old town
paphos old town
paphos old town
paphos old town

6. Have Dinner with a View

There are plenty of places to eat out in Paphos, a lot of them are decent enough to keep your belly full but only a handful that makes your taste buds really happy.

One of them is Muse Restaurant, which is where most locals end up meeting in the evenings with a dinner with a view.

Book yourself a table and enjoy gorgeous views over the whole city, spectacular especially at sunset.

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muse cafe bar paphos, cyprus
muse cafe bar paphos, cyprus
muse cafe bar paphos, cyprus

7. Enjoy the Best Sunset Cocktails

While on the topic of food and views, there is no Cyprus travel guide where I don’t mention Sea You beach bar.

A fairly recent addition to the area of Coral Bay / Kissonerga, but oh boy – once you visit, you want to spend every evening of your holiday there.

Book yourself a table to make it there before sunset and enjoy stunning spectacular views while sipping your cocktail and hearing the waves crashing right in front of you.

The food selection is decent and never had any complaints, but it’s pretty simple, so don’t expect any fine dining.

Read more here: Sea You Beach Bar

sea you beach bar paphos
sea you beach bar
sea you beach bar paphos

8. Visit Tombs of the Kings

Personally, I much prefer Tombs of the Kings to Archeological Park. It’s much smaller, easier to explore and much more lush compared to the park.

It’s also a lot more fun to take kids in as they can crawl and climb without the danger of damaging some precious mosaics.

There is a gorgeous sea view all around and it feels like you’re walking in a nature reservation, not a tourist attraction.

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tombs of the kings paphos 13 1
Tombs of The Kings, Paphos - Cyprus
Tombs of The Kings, Paphos - Cyprus
Tombs of the Kings (Paphos)

9. Rent a Car & Drive to Akamas

Feeling adventurous? Rent a car in Paphos and drive to Akamas Peninsula (4×4 is recommended).

The views are simply breathtaking and it’s less crowded compared to the other parts of the island. Take a day off to reconnect with nature and enjoy the views of the turquoise blue waters and dramatic cliff drops.

Stop just at Baths of Aphrodite for a lunch with a view (see pic below)

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Sunset in Akamas Peninsula

akamas cyprus 16
akamas cyprus 6
akamas peninsula 49
akamas peninsula 30
sunset picnic
akamas peninsula 56

10. Enjoy a Day on a Sandy Beach

Beaches must be one of the reasons everyone is coming to Cyprus.

While Paphos is not blessed with an abundance of sandy beaches, it has a few to choose from once you head towards Coral Bay direction.

There is a main Coral Bay beach (which tends to be quite crowded in summer) and the lesser-known Coralia beach (photo below) which offers more shallow waters perfect for kids and a few restaurants to grab a bite for lunch.

Buses running from Paphos end at Coralia beach, so you can never miss it!

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Sunset Picnic near Coral Bay

coral bay cyprus
coral bay cyprus
coral bay 1 3

11. Visit Paphos ZOO

Not to everyone’s taste but I will include this in here just in case you’re travelling with kids.

The ZOO has a decent size and a few live shows to keep kids entertained. It has a lot more birds than other ZOO as it used to be a bird park.

There is an on-site restaurant where you can grab lunch (not too many healthy options but it will keep you full for a while).

paphos zoo
paphos zoo
paphos zoo
paphos zoo
paphos zoo

12. Check out Adonis Bath

I know this is quite a frequent mention in travel guides for Cyprus.

I also think it’s a beautiful place, but you should manage your expectations before you head over there.

First – the road is an absolute disaster – you’re running a risk of damaging your car if you’re driving there with a small rented fiat. We went with quad bikes and had to go super slow to avoid the massive rocks and holes on the roads.

Secondly, its a very small natural lake with even smaller waterfall. Don’t expect anything grandiose. At the same time, it feels very lush and like a personal rainforest, which is a welcome retreat from the sun in the summer.

There is an entrance fee of around 8 eur and they offer drinks to buy at the entrance. Word of warning – it tends to get crowded especially in summer.

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adonis baths waterfalls paphos
adonis baths waterfalls paphos
adonis baths waterfalls paphos

13. Enjoy a Sunset Picnic at the Coastline

My favourite activity throughout the year – grabbing some fresh ingredients from the shop and heading over the coastline before sunset to enjoy fresh food with a bottle of bubbly.

The coastline behind Coral Bay is made for private picnics on the top of the cliffs with stunning views and gorgeous sunsets.

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Sunset Picnic in Coral Bay

august picnic cyprus 1 43 1 2
sunset picnic
akamas peninsula picnic 1 16
akamas peninsula picnic 1 9
august cyprus picnic

14. Visit the Sea Caves

The area of Peyia and Coral Bay is the perfect place for exploring rocks and sea caves around the island.

You can easily walk around the coastline’s rugged edges and stop for a refreshing frappe when you feel like it. Even better, rent a quad bike and explore in style! The prettiest sea caves I’ve seen are near Oniro restaurant and just off Agios Georgios (I don’t have too many pics sorry!)

cyprus october 2018 2
cyprus weather october
cyprus weather october

15. Spend a Day at Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios is a little local gem that’s still left pretty untouched by tourism. It’s all the way at the edge of the island, where no tourists would bother to drive and offers so much natural beauty!

Drive down to the little harbour and explore on foot – the coastline is breathtaking and you find some small stretches of beach that you can enjoy all to yourself.

If you walk further away you will find hidden sea caves and rock formations that make the perfect backdrop for holiday pictures.

There is a restaurant at the edge of the village that offers a very nice fish mezze, of course, served with a stunning view!

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st george cyprus 35
st george cyprus 29
st george cyprus
st george cyprus 27

16. Book a Wine Tasting

It would be a sin to visit Cyprus and not taste the amazing local wines. Most wineries are within 30 minutes drive from Paphos and offer free wine tasting experiences without the need to book in advance.

My top tip – book a mezze lunch at Kolios Winery combined with wine tasting and tour of the winery. It’s my favourite place on the island, both for superb quality wine and freshly made local food.

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kolios winery cyprus 33
kolios winery
kolios winery cyprus 15
kolios winery cyprus 30

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