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It may have been Instagram that attracted you to Cyprus in the first place.

Or perhaps you’re looking for gorgeous Instagram locations in Cyprus for your upcoming trip.

Whatever the case may be, Cyprus offers plenty of breath-taking photo opportunities pretty much at every turn.

Above all, a variety of gorgeous landscapes contrast perfectly with the buzz of cities and charming little villages scattered around the Troodos Mountains.

Before we dive into the list, first things first: Cyprus is a popular tourist destination and therefore very busy in the season.

For your chance to get the best photos, aim to be at your chosen location before sunset or sunrise. Beach photos during the day are almost impossible to do without other people in the photo.

If you absolutely must do it during the day, drive down the coastline to find a more remote beach with plenty of space for posing.

Cities and villages tend to be less crowded during the day when it’s too hot.

For your best chance to explore all that the island has to offer, definitely consider renting a car.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in!

1. Fig Tree Bay, Protaras

One of the most popular beaches in the area, Fig Tree Bay certainly lives up to its reputation of looking more like a Caribbean paradise than a Mediterranean island.

The beach stretch itself is not long, so it does get crowded very fast.

To get your best snaps without other people in the image, head there early in the morning (best before sunrise) to capture gorgeous light and an empty beach.

If you’re staying in a hotel in the city, it’s easier to get yourself to the spot without having to drive a long time to get there.

2. Petra Tou Romiou, Paphos

Another place that’s probably already on your itinerary.

Petra tou Romiou is located just off the main highway between Paphos and Limassol, with easy access for parking.

In summer, the sun sets almost right behind the rocks and most tourists stay there during the day, so at sunset, it tends to be less busy.

No matter how tempting, it’s forbidden to climb on the rock itself and I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve seen lots of people taking silly risks just for a photo from the top of the rock, and it’s certainly not worth it.

Just further down the beach path is a short hiking route that will take you up to the hill to the gorgeous viewing point pictured below.

My photos were taken during winter, so the sunset was further away from Petra tou Romiou, but in summer it’s almost directly opposite the rock.

cyprus coastline

3. Cape Greco, Protaras

Cape Greco is a national park at the edge of Protaras and also one of the popular tourist hot spots.

If you’re not ready to throw yourself off the rocks into the crystal clear waters, it’s fun just to sit there and watching people do exactly that.

The white-washed rocks provide gorgeous contrast with the colour of the water and at sunset, the sky turns into shades of pink and purple.

For a bit of fun, rent a quad bike to get there and go wild.

4. Akamas Peninsula, Paphos District

This must be my favourite spot for sunset photos – I used to do a lot of sunset picnics in here as it’s about 30 minutes drive away from Peyia (close to Paphos).

No matter what time of the year you arrive, it’s pretty much empty.

The steep cliffs make a wonderful viewing point to watch the sunset and at each turn provide unique photo opportunities.

If you drive further into the peninsula, you can get to Lara Beach or Blue Lagoon for even more spectacular views.

sunset picnic

5. Sea Caves, Ayia Napa – Peyia

Probably the most photographed spot on the island, the sea caves near Ayia Napa are a draw for thousands of tourists each month.

Naturally formed caves in white-washed rocks provide the perfect photo frame that’s been so frequently captured on Instagram.

If you find yourself on the other side of the island in Paphos, you don’t have to despair – although less know and perhaps also impressive, there is an area with sea caves also near Peyia (pictured below).

Get there in time for sunset and wait for nature to do its magic.

cyprus october 2018 2

6. Blue Lagoon, Akamas Peninsula

Similar to Fig Tree Bay, the other side of the island has also a piece of Caribbean charm – it’s called Blue Lagoon.

Easy to access with a boat from Latchi, or for the more adventurous souls – with a quad bike from the shores.

The bay is usually filled with big and small boats that park here for a few hours, so it fills up fairly fast.

There is no long stretch of beach around it, just a few sandy spots to stretch your feet.

For photography options, it’s better to approach from the coastline and park your camera just over the top of the cliff.


7. Paphos Old Town

If you’re in for a bit of a city vibe with a lot of charm, Paphos Old town is the place to be.

Cute little tavernas and coffee shops stretch along the narrow streets, shaded under trees and away from the busy roads.

Even though a lot of the buildings still look like a set of a horror movie, there’s been a lot of work done in the old town to bring its old charm back.

Find gorgeous street art, get lost in the bazaar market area, and admire the views towards the coast from high up.

Head to Muse Cafe Restaurant for dinner to enjoy breath-taking sunset views along with delicious food.

paphos old town

8. Sea You Beach Bar (& Other Beach Bars) – Paphos

Also known as the best place to watch the sunset in Paphos, Sea You Beach Bar is just outside of Kissonerga village, on your way to Coral Bay.

Loved by locals and tourists alike, this place has boho vibes written all over it.

If the decor wasn’t enough, take a few steps and you will find yourself right at the beach.

At sunset, the place turns into a sea of mobile phones trying to capture the best sunset photo. Make sure you book a table on the edge of the restaurant to get the best photo spot.

Just a few minutes’ drive away towards Paphos is another gorgeous spot – Vardas Beach Restaurant – while the food is nothing to be excited about, they too are right on the beach with stunning views.

sea you beach bar paphos

9. Troodos Villages

Away from the tall rising buildings, crowded beaches, and flashy hotels, you will find small old villages dotted around the side of the mountains.

Not only do they provide the perfect escape from the summer heat, but also the perfect photography backdrop.

Some of the most photogenic include Omodos (which has a winery and a monastery), Platres, Kalopanayiotis, and Kakopetria (last one most popular by locals).

omodos cyprus 1 10

10. Nicosia Old Town

Nicosia is the last divided capital in the world and offers an opportunity to see history with your own eyes.

The city is divided to the south (Cyprus side) and the Northern side controlled by Turkey.

The contrast of walking around a beautifully renovated old town and hitting the border with a wired fence, Turkish flags, and ‘no photography’ signs all around is a bit of a shock to say at least.

The borders themselves look a bit like a warzone still and it’s chilling to think what has been happening here.

The architecture reflects a mix of the two cultures and you can spend hours just getting lost in the streets of the old town.

nicosia cyprus

11. Agios Georgios, Paphos

The small fishing village of Agios Georgios just outside of Paphos is a surprising find that’s well worth the drive just for the views.

The water here is so clear you can see all the rocks on the seafloor and the colourful fishing boats are beautiful backdrops for photos.

Further down the coastline, you will discover small naturally formed lagoons and caves carved into white rocks.

While there is no beach to speak of, you can get adventurous and find your own way to the water somewhere along the coastline.

moving to cyprus expectations vs reality

12. Konnos Bay, Protaras

One of the prettiest beaches on the island, you can’t miss visiting Konnos Bay.

Only 2km away from Cape Greco, the sandy beach has perfect swimming conditions even for inexperienced swimmers and the surrounding cliffs provide a stunning vantage point to capture some amazing shots.

13. Grape by the Sea, Kato Pyrgos

If you’re up for a road trip, head to Kato Pyrgos (close to the borders with Northern Cyprus).

This small village is home to probably the best beach restaurant on the island – Grape by the Sea.

Located just at the end of the village, the simple setting offers spectacular views of Turkey and uninterrupted sea views.

The drive from Polis towards Kato Pyrgos is an experience in itself – stunning views from everywhere the road, dramatic cliff drops, and another hidden gem on the way – Koullas Sandwiches.

grape by the sea

14. Oniro by the Sea, Paphos

Loved by locals for their food and sunset views. Oniro by the Sea is near Peyia, tucked away between banana plantations and overlooking the shipwreck Edro II.

As you enjoy your cocktail or dinner, you can hear the waves crashing against the rocks and the sun is setting right in front of you.

Book your table just before sunset time and hop out of the restaurants to capture the shots.

oniro by the sea

15. Limassol Old Town

Just like Paphos old town, Limassol has also plenty of adorable alleyways and hidden corners to explore.

Start at the Limassol castle and get lost in a maze of small streets lined with local cafes and restaurants.

I liked it best when it gets dark and the streets fill up with cheerful locals chatting away over a glass of wine.

boho resto bar limassol

16. Beach at Sunset

You can’t go wrong with a good sunset photo, right?

In Cyprus, you are spoiled with options and if you get your timing right, it’s pretty easy to get a perfect shot each time.

cyprus akamas beach 1 5

I hope you got plenty of inspiration for your trip and would love to see what you captured! Just tag me on your post – you can find me here.

Thanks for tagging along on this photo journey with me!

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