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Are you looking for the best Cyprus photography ideas to plan your trip?

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I have been living in Cyprus for 6.5 years, capturing its beauty through my lens and sharing much of it on these pages.

In this article, I created a comprehensive guide that will tell you about the best photography spots and ideas in Cyprus.

Let’s dive in!

Cyprus, a beautiful island in the eastern Mediterranean, is a veritable paradise for photographers. With its blend of stunning natural settings and rich architectural heritage, it offers an array of compelling subjects to capture.

Imagine capturing the first light of dawn as it delicately illuminates the rugged cliffs of Cape Greco or immortalizing the moment when sunset paints hues of crimson and gold over tranquil Paphos Harbour.

Beyond its natural allure, Cyprus’ architectural tapestry unfurls a fascinating narrative spanning millennia.

photography near paphos harbour at sunset
Photography opportunities near Paphos Harbour

Cyprus Photography Ideas: The Golden Hour

Reflecting on the illustrious allure of Cyprus, one cannot help but become entranced by its sunrises.

The coarse, seductive texture of Cape Greco’s rocky cliffs becomes an orchestra of shadows and light as dawn breaks.

The golden hues are almost tangible, whispering tales of ancient times as they illuminate the azure waters below.

From this vantage point, photographers can capture the ephemeral dance of sun-kissed waves – a spectacle that is nothing short of breathtaking.

Protaras, on the other hand, offers a different narrative during sunrise.

Its expansive beaches present an unadulterated panorama where sky meets sea at an elusive horizon line.

A silence hangs over Protaras during these early hours, only disturbed by soft whispers from the rustling palm trees or gentle murmurs from waking birds.

Here, your lens captures not just a scene but also the tranquility that accompanies it.

cyprus photography ideas sunset
Capturing the sunset in Coral Bay with a glass of Champagne

Sunset Views from Paphos Harbour and Akamas Peninsula

As day succumbs to night in Cyprus, Paphos harbour comes alive with an ethereal glow.

The setting sun drapes itself over quaint fishing boats like an artist’s blanket – each stroke is vibrant yet transient.

This harmonious blend of natural light and rustic charm provides photographers with numerous captivating frames filled with warmth and depth. The Akamas Peninsula proposes another sunset story – this one untouched by man’s footprint; it is raw and untamed beauty personified.

cyprus photography ideas32
Sunset near Paphos Harbour

Cyprus Photography Ideas: Historic Buildings

The Byzantine Churches

The Byzantine churches scattered across Cyprus offer a wholly unique opportunity for architectural photography.

These structures, embodying centuries of faith and tradition, are unlike any other in the world. Characterized by their compact size and austere exteriors, Cyprus’ Byzantine churches may seem modest at first glance.

But don’t let their simplistic facade fool you.

As you step inside these sanctuaries, you will be met with an explosion of vibrant frescoes and elaborate mosaics that narrate tales from the bible in vivid detail – a dream come true for any photography enthusiast who appreciates color and intricacy.

One stunning example is the Panagia Forviotissa (Asinou) Church nestled in the Troodos Mountains.

Its well-preserved frescoes dating back to 1105-1120 AD make it an absolute treasure trove for capturing historical artistry.

cyprus photography ideas churches
Old monastery and church near Kalopanayiotis village

Ruins of Kourion

Moving onto yet another facet of Cyprus’s rich heritage, the ancient ruins of Kourion and Salamis transport you back in time whilst offering some extraordinary photographic opportunities.

Perched on a coastal cliff overlooking Episkopi Bay, Kourion flaunts an impressive Greco-Roman theatre that lures photographers with its grand arches and sweeping vistas.

On capturing this historic site during sunrise or sunset when soft hues delicately highlight its weathered stones, results in some truly mesmerizing shots.

In contrast to Kourion’s coastal appeal, the inland archaeological site at Salamis presents a different blend of captivating elements.

Here you’ll find columns rising against the sky like silent sentinels of times past amidst lush greenery – a perfect blend for playing around with depth and contrast in your images.

Views from Kourion
Views from Kourion

Cyprus Photography Ideas: Nature Photography

The Majestic Troodos Mountains

Cyprus isn’t just about sun-soaked beaches and Byzantine churches; it also boasts some of the most breathtaking mountain landscapes in the Mediterranean.

The Troodos Mountains, in particular, are a veritable photographer’s paradise.

With their snow-capped peaks in winter transforming into verdant valleys come spring, they offer a wealth of opportunities for stunning imagery. In the heart of winter, the Troodos’ snowy caps capture an ethereal beauty that can be beautifully juxtaposed against Cyprus’ otherwise warm climate.

As spring unfolds, these mountains morph into rolling green carpets dotted with colorful wildflowers – an irresistible canvas for any photographer.

You may even spot some endemic plant species if you’re lucky!

Waterfall in Troodos Mountains
Waterfall in Troodos Mountains

Cape Greco National Park

If your camera lens is more inclined towards raw, untouched beauty, then the rugged charm of Cape Greco National Park must not escape your itinerary.

Perched on Cyprus’ southeastern coast, this park is defined by its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear azure waters and an array of flora and fauna that thrive within its boundaries.

The view from atop Cape Greco’s cliffs provides a panorama that simply begs to be captured – where endless sky meets expansive sea along a jagged coastline.

During early spring or late autumn days when the tourist crowd thins out slightly, you can bask in tranquillity while capturing nature at her best – unfiltered and unhurried.

Cyprus Photography Ideas: Seaside

Nissi Beach and Coral Bay

The enticing allure of Cyprus isn’t limited to its historical locales or stunning landscapes.

Rather, it extends to the sapphire blue waters and soft white sands of its breathtaking beaches.

Among these coastal paradises, Nissi Beach and Coral Bay stand as stellar embodiments of Mediterranean beauty.

Nissi Beach, part of Ayia Napa resort, is known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters that seem to stretch on endlessly towards the horizon.

The beach offers an unparalleled picture-postcard vista that can be brilliantly captured in early morning light when tourist activity is minimal.

In contrast, Coral Bay provides a vibrant backdrop with its multicoloured umbrellas dotting the sands and playful waves hugging the shoreline – a perfect setting for a lively beach action shot.

Beach side in Coral Bay
Beach side in Coral Bay

Underwater Photography Ideas in Blue Lagoon

While Cyprus’ surface offers an array of photographic opportunities, beneath her azure waves lies an untouched world teeming with life and beauty – a subaqueous realm begging to be explored through the lens.

One of the prime spots for underwater photography is Blue Lagoon located near Akamas Peninsula.

The serene lagoon boasts crystalline water so transparent that one can see right down to its sandy bed even from above surface level.

Its diverse marine life adds color and depth to your composition – imagine capturing a school of rainbow-coloured fish darting through sunlit water or perhaps close-up shots of curious octopuses lurking behind sea rocks.

Just remember your protective waterproof gear, patience, and respect for this delicate aquatic environment as you dive in for those dreamlike underwater shots.

Cyprus Photography Ideas: Urban Photography

The Intricate Dance of Tradition and Modernity

The cities of Cyprus: Nicosia, Limassol, and Larnaca each provide a unique blend of traditional and contemporary architecture, offering a visual feast that’s ripe for capturing through your lens.

Nicosia, the island’s capital city tucked within imposing Venetian walls, is a labyrinthine blend of historic sites and evolving modern structures.

The juxtaposition between the medieval Famagusta Gate and the sleek high-rises nearby provides a striking balance that encapsulates the city’s evolution over time.

Limassol on the other hand features an eclectic assortment of architectural styles from different eras. It’s home to scenic old town streets speckled with quaint shops, which are seamlessly intertwined with ultramodern buildings like the Limassol Marina.

Meanwhile in Larnaca, Byzantine churches stand alongside British colonial edifices which are not too far off from contemporary beachfront hotels.

Photographing these contrasting landscapes can showcase how Cyprus retains its cultural heritage while embracing modernity.

Street life in Nicosia
Street life in Nicosia

Nighttime Cityscapes

As twilight cloaks itself over Cyprus cities’ skyline, it uncloaks another dimension to urban photography – nighttime cityscapes.

Each city comes alive under a different hue as soon as evening descends; it’s an opportunity to capture these vibrant settings in all their illuminated glory.

Nicosia at night is awash with warm glows from its lively taverns; street lamps casting intricate patterns on cobblestone paths are particularly enchanting through a camera lens.

In Limassol, the radiance of the marina provides an exquisite backdrop for night-time photography; its myriad lights reflecting off the calm waters present a mesmerizing spectacle.

And Larnaca?

Its palm-lined seafront promenade, lit up by quaint lanterns against the backdrop of the darkened Mediterranean Sea, ensures an ethereal scene that’s nothing short of magical in long-exposure shots.

This nocturnal narrative of each city can truly add a dynamic range to your repertoire.

Cyprus Photography Ideas: Street and People

Immersing oneself into the essence of the human experience is an integral aspect of photography.

Photographing people in their everyday settings, such as bustling markets or vibrant village festivals, can truly bring a place to life.

The traditional markets of Cyprus, with their fresh produce laid out in a cornucopia of colors and textures, provide an interesting backdrop for street photography.

Capturing the animated barter between sellers and buyers or snapping a quick shot of locals immersed in their daily shopping conveys a sense of authenticity that no posed photograph ever could.

Festivals, on the other hand, are effervescent celebrations that tell tales about Cypriot culture.

With their riotous colors, exuberant dances and music echoing through narrow alleys, they offer a myriad of opportunities to capture spontaneous expressions and dynamic movements.

Quiet streets of Nicosia
Quiet streets of Nicosia

Cyprus Photography Ideas: Food

The gastronomy of Cyprus is a tantalizing fusion of Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern influences — a culinary narrative that is as flavorful as it is photogenic.

Taking center stage are local specialties like Souvlaki and Halloumi which provide an excellent opportunity for delectable food photography.

Souvlaki, succulent skewers of marinated meat, traditionally served with fresh pita bread and tzatziki sauce, is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

To capture the essence of this dish in your photos, focus on the vibrant colors and textures – the charred edges of the meat juxtaposed against the golden hues of pita bread and creamy whiteness of tzatziki make for a salivating spectacle.

Then there’s Halloumi – that quintessential Cypriot cheese known for its high melting point allowing it to be fried or grilled to perfection.

Photographing Halloumi requires capturing its distinctive features – its golden crust from grilling or frying against its soft white interior creates a delightful contrast that hints at its unique texture and taste.

Meze feast at Kotourou Ouzeri Restaurant in Paphos
Meze feast at Kotourou Ouzeri Restaurant in Paphos

Wine Photography amidst Vineyards

Cyprus holds claim to one of the oldest wine-making traditions in the world making it an absolute paradise for wine lovers and photographers alike.

The island’s vineyards offer an enchanting blend of timeless beauty and rustic charm perfect for capturing through your lens.

One strategy that works particularly well when photographing vineyards is to use leading lines – rows upon rows of grapevines stretching out towards a distant horizon can lead your viewer’s eye into your image creating depth and interest.

Experiment with different perspectives too; try shooting from ground level looking up at ripening grape clusters against the backdrop of a clear blue sky, or include elements of the winery itself such as barrels or tools for added context.

Twilight provides a magical setting for wine photography – the play of light on bottles and glasses can create enchanting images.

Try capturing backlit shots of wine glasses at sunset where the warm glow illuminates the rich ruby red or golden hue of the wine, creating an image as intoxicating as the drink itself.

Ayia Mavri Winery near Limassol
Ayia Mavri Winery near Limassol

Cyprus Photography Ideas: Hidden Gems

While Cyprus is known for its stunning beaches and impressive historical landmarks, there are pockets of untouched beauty that often go unnoticed by the average tourist.

One such place is the enchanting Adonis Baths Waterfalls, an oasis hidden in the dense forest near Paphos. It’s named after the Greek god Adonis, who, as legend has it, spent many a romantic moment here with goddess Aphrodite.

Dotted with statues and steeped in mythology, this waterfall offers opportunities for unique photos surrounded by lush greenery and cascading water.

Another hidden gem worth exploring is the village of Lefkara, renowned for its intricate lacework and silver handicrafts.

The narrow cobblestone streets lined with traditional limestone houses exude an old-world charm that’s perfect for black-and-white photography.

Don’t miss out on capturing details like wrought-iron balconies adorned with flowering plants or elderly locals engrossed in their craft.

Adonis Waterfalls near Coral Bay
Adonis Waterfalls near Coral Bay


As we draw our photographic journey across Cyprus to a close, it becomes clear that this Mediterranean gem holds more beauty than can be captured in a single frame.

Its diverse landscapes teeming with natural wonders, architectural marvels touting tales from eons past, and vibrant cityscapes resonating with life and energy – all these facets combine to form a compelling tableau that beckons to be explored through your lens.

Remember, each photograph you take not only immortalizes a fleeting moment but also tells a story – your unique interpretation of the world around you.

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