A Guide by a Local: How to Spend a Day in Kato Paphos

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There is nothing better than playing a tourist in your own town.

Kato Paphos in Cyprus is one of those places where you can walk in anytime during the week and feel like on holiday.

Last week I had a day off to celebrate a wedding anniversary and instead of the usual dinner, we spent the whole day walking around Kato Paphos, enjoying great food, wine & views.

Kato Paphos is full of contrast – tourist traps on one side of the road, and some of the coolest local restaurants on the other.

It’s best known for its harbour, historic sites – Kato Paphos Archeological Park – and a promenade full of hotels.

A 10 mins walk from the harbour and you get to Kings Avenue Mall where you can spoil yourself with a bit of retail therapy.

Kato Paphos means “lower Paphos” as opposed to the rest of the city stretching up in the hills and further away from the sea. It’s where you find the most hotels, and restaurants and where the promenade fills with people enjoying their summer holiday.

Off-season, it’s still busy but mostly with locals enjoying a weekend brunch, evening drinks or winter strolls by the sea.

My favourite way to pass time in winter was to come to La Bania after a stormy night to watch the waves crash against the windows.

To help you get the most of the area, here is an outline of how to spend a day in Kato Paphos (admittedly consisting mostly of eating & drinking, as you would expect for an old lady like myself).

Get some comfy shoes & pack your sun lotion.

What To Do & See in Kato Paphos

Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Ta Bania restaurant seen from outside – it gets really busy as you can see.

Breakfast in the Harbour

Start with a fresh Cypriot breakfast by the water at one of the restaurants in the harbour.

I recommend Theo’s Restaurant with its beautiful views, decor & delicious fresh food. The fried halloumi is absolutely delicious!

Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Boats in Paphos Harbour
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Table with a view at Ta Bania.
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
The area next to Ta Bania is also a designated beach with rocky access.
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Calm waters in the summer. In the winter, the waves here create a dramatic spectacle.

Coffee at Ta Bania

Frequented by locals and tourists alike, this restaurant (pictured below) is tucked away at the corner of a small beach and it has its own changing facilities with access to the water.

It has undergone quite a transformation since I’ve been there first time 5 years ago, a change that propelled it to the top spots to eat & drink in Paphos.

Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Enjoying some bubbles by the sea.
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Crystal clear waters.
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
The locals also popped in to say hi.
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Morning dip in the sea.
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Paphos Castle can be seen in the distance.
Kato Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos Archeological Park

If you’re visiting Paphos, it would be a shame to miss one of the main historical sites.

If you’re not into mosaics, trust me you will love the views from the park and you can snap up a few cool photos with the lighthouse.

Paphos Archaeological Park
Lighthouse at Paphos Archeaological Park
archeological park paphos cyprus 22

Lunch at Notios or Ouzeri Restaurant at Almyra Hotel

A short stroll away from Ta Bania you will see a charming little restaurant with blue chairs called Ouzeri.

They have live music and focus on traditional Cypriot cuisine.

If you fancy something a little elevated, Notios restaurant has a lovely lunch menu complete with Sushi and a selection of delicious sandwiches and salads. The views from both restaurants are amazing and the service is top-class.

notios restaurant at almyra hote
Table with a view at Notios Restaurant.
notios restaurant at almyra hote
Fresh sala at Notios Restaurant
ouzeri restaurant
Outdoor seating in Ouzeri Restaurant
ouzeri restaurant
Our meal at Ouzeri Restaurant

Catch the Waves at Sodap Beach

Enjoy a bit of lounging around on this long stretch of beach.

The ice cream van is conveniently parked right by the coastal walk and you can pop into the Alexander Great hotel for a frappe top-up should you wish to.

Kato Paphos, Cyprus
One of many beaches on the coastline strip.
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Spring in full bloom.
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Kato Paphos, Cyprus

Dinner & Live Music at Suite 48

Recently renovated (pictures at the end of the post), Suite 48 is an about 20-minute walk from Paphos Harbour and continues to attract more and more crowds each year.

Dine under the stars while listening to a live jazz band and taste one of their signature cocktails. A cool place to watch the sunset & toast to the glittering sea with a glass of sparkling in hand.

Alternative – we ended up having dinner at Namaste, which has the most delicious Indian food on the island. No sunset views, but the food makes up for it!

Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Outdoor seating at Suite 48
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Suite 48 for lunch stop
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Seaviews no matter where you sit.
Kato Paphos, Cyprus
There is also plenty of seating options inside, for winter months or bad weather.

Nightlife at Bar Street

If you fancy taking the night further, you can walk back to the main Paphos Bar Street to hop into one of the bars or nightclubs.

All of these places are a walking distance from Paphos Harbour and there are many more along the route.

If you fancy a day without a car, you can take a bus to the Harbour and enjoy the whole day without having to worry about driving back.

There are a few taxi ranks to take you back home, the biggest one by the big parking lot.

Buses also run until midnight.

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