Cyprus Beaches: The Complete Guide By A Local Expert [2024]

Picture this: You sink your toes into a blanket of warm and soft sand as you take a stroll down a long powdery white beach.

The sun pecks you on your cheeks as you walk along, with the occasional drop of cool salty water spritzing your legs as the waves gently crash next to you.

The chilled breeze slides past you and all-in-all, it’s the perfect day in the perfect setting.

That’s the Mediterranean island paradise known as Cyprus. 

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What Makes Cyprus Beaches Unique?

Crystal clear waters

There are very few regions in the world where you can find such clear waters as the water surrounding the Cyprus beaches. Not only is the water naturally clear, but it is also kept clean by the municipality and members of the Blue Flag Foundation.

Diverse marine life

You can find some of the most beautiful fish, coral, sponges, and anemones in the water surrounding Cyprus. Not to mention the jellyfish, bull rays, barracudas, squids, octopi, sea urchins, mussels, sea turtles, and the rare Mediterranean Seal. 

A variety of water sports

You’ll struggle to surf the calm waters around the Cyprus beaches but there are many other water activities, like boat cruises, water sports centers, and diving centers situated across the island. 

Ayia Napa: Party and Paradise Combined

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Nissi Beach

If you’ve heard of Nissi Beach before, it’s probably because it’s both Ayia Napa and Cyprus’ most popular beach.

The beach is shaped by two smaller golden sand beaches and it’s located no more than 3.5 kilometers from the town center. 

Makronissos Beach

Just 5 kilometers out from the town center, Makronissos Beach is waiting for you with its golden sand and crashing clear-water waves.

The gorgeous beach we get to enjoy today was formed by various small bay clusters. 

Konnos Beach

You’ll find Konnos Bay in the Cape Greco National Park, staring at you with its blanket of white sand and clear waters. Bring a camera because the pathway that takes you through tall pine trees offers ample photographic opportunity.   

Ayia Thekla Beach

Ayia Thekla Beach is set in a quiet and serene setting with many good snorkeling spots. The name, Ayia Thekla, comes from the old church located close by since the beach is only a few kilometers from Ayia Napa.

Vathia Gonia Beach

Vathia Gonia or Sandy Bay is the prime spot to relax with your family. You can get the adrenaline rushing with watersports or relax on your sun lounger as you take in the view of the fine white sand meeting the calm turquoise water. 

Some other beaches that you should visit in Ayia Napa include:

  • Landa Beach
  • Glyki Nero Beach
  • Pantachou Beach
  • Ammos Kambouri Beach
  • Limnara Beach
  • Loukkos Tou Mandi Beach
  • Limanaki Beach
  • The Dome Beach
  • Pernera Beach
  • Latchi Adams Beach
  • Karousos Beach
  • Liopetri Beach
  • Katsarka Beach

Paphos: Where History Meets the Sea

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Argaka Beach

Argaka Beach provides an outing in nature with the best of both worlds because if you look forward your eyes meet the crystal clear ocean but if you turn around and look back, there’s a magnificent pine forest.  

Coral Bay Beach

On the stretched and curved shoreline that is Coral Bay Beach, you’ll find yourself between coves and calm waters. The golden sand of this beach is also the nesting place of the Cyprus turtles, so look twice before you take a step. 

Paphos Municipal Beach

This beach is a favorite amongst locals and you’ll meet many friends here. The beach lies in Kato Paphos, which is basically the main Paphos attraction for tourists. You can stop at the Paphos Castle on your way because it’s just 275 meters from the beach. 

Petra Tou Romiou Beach

According to legend, the Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born on this beach. The beach is a major attraction for artists, as the rock-and-sand combination creates a gorgeous landscape.

Some other beaches that you should visit in Paphos include:

  • Yiannakis Beach
  • Latchi Beach
  • Laourou Beach
  • Polis Municipal Beach
  • Pachyammos Beach
  • Faros Beach
  • Dasoudi Beach
  • Rikkos Beach
  • La Playa Beach
  • Vrysoudia I Beach 
  • Vrysoudia II Beach
  • Alykes Beach

Limassol: The Cosmopolitan Coastal Beauty

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Lady’s Mile Beach

Lady’s Mile spans over a total of 8 kilometers of the gorgeous Cyprus shoreline. The beach is a prime relaxation spot as it is nearly deserted and the waters are cool, calm, and shallow. 

Governor’s Beach

Governor’s Beach is a popular choice for families with small children because the water is clear and shallow. There are white rocks situated next to the beach that you can reach by taking a walk on a nature trail. 

Akti Olympion Beach

Akti Olympion is one of the larger beaches on the island, spanning over 40 meters in width and 2 kilometers in length. It has recently been upgraded with new cycling lanes and wider footpaths. 

Some other beaches that you should visit in Limassol include:

  • Kourion Beach
  • Pissouri Beach
  • Episkopi Bay 
  • Melanda Beach
  • Paramali Turtle Beach
  • Loures Beach
  • Vouppa Beach
  • Dasoudi Beach
  • Avdimou Beach
  • Agios Georgios Alamanou Beach
  • Miami Beach
  • Kastella Beach
  • Aoratoi Beach
  • Onisilos Beach
  • DaNala Beach
  • Panagias Beach
  • Kalymnos Beach
  • Agia Varvara Beach
  • Aphrodite Beach
  • Armonia Beach
  • Parekklisia Community Beach

Larnaca: The Family-Friendly Option


Pyla Beach

Pyla, just one of the many Blue Flag winners, is the perfect beach for a day out with your family. The fine grey beach sand is surrounded by clear waters on one side and gorgeous greenery on the other side. 

Finikoudes Beach

This beach is lined with tall palm trees and it’s the best option if you want to enjoy a busy day. There are many restaurants, boat rides, and activities to keep your entire family busy. 

Kastella Beach

Kastella isn’t like the rest because this beach is rather tiny with fine grey sand. It’ll take you about 15 minutes to walk from this beach to the town center. 

Mackenzie Beach

You can step straight off your plane at the Larnaca International Airport onto this beach. You can lie on the fine grey sand and watch the airplanes do their thing or take a walk along the water. 

Some other beaches that you should visit in Larnaca include: 

  • Dhekelia Beach
  • Alaminos Beach
  • Mazotos Beach
  • Galou Beach
  • Lenios Beach
  • Parasolia Kiti Beach
  • Meneou Beach
  • Yannathes Beach
  • Dasoudi Beach
  • Cessac Beach
  • Agios Theodoros Beach

Protaras Beaches: The Snorkeler’s Dream

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Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay is known for its nightlife and the old fig tree that overlooks the beach. The sand is golden and the water is clear. What more could you ask for? 

Louma Beach

This beach is located close to Protaras’ main avenue and the Pernara Resort. The beach has soft sand and a magnificent constructed bay surrounding it. 

Some other beaches that you should visit in Protaras include: 

  • Vrisi Beach I
  • Vrisi Beach II
  • Vrisi Beach III
  • Kapparis Beach
  • Nausicaa Beach
  • Vrysoudia Beach
  • Agia Triada Beach
  • Pernera Beach
  • Skoutari Beach
  • Green Bay
  • Sirena Beach
  • Vyzakia Beach
  • Lombardi Beach
  • Nisia Beach
  • Nisia Gardens Beach
  • Vali Tou Hatzixeni Beach
  • Potami Beach
  • Potamia Beach
  • Pezounospilioi Beach
  • Ellines Beach
  • Armyropigado Beach

The Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Beaches to Explore

lara beach

Lara Bay

Lara Bay has it all, from shallow water for little children to a lively atmosphere for teens and young adults. It is also home to The Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station, where you won’t be able to swim in the central area as it is home to the turtles.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in the Akamas Peninsula is very special as you need a boat to reach it. The clear water is the main attraction and you can go snorkeling or swimming in the lagoon. 

Baths of Aphrodite Beach

This beach in Paphos is very secluded and it takes some obstacles to get there. You need to leave your car behind and climb down a hill but it’ll be worth it.

Some other hidden gems in Cyprus include:

  • Kapparis Beach
  • Ranti Forest Beach
  • Pomona Beach
  • Kato Pyrgos Beach
  • Pachiammos Beach

Tips for Beachgoers: What to Pack and When to Go

All you need to enjoy the day at a Cyprus beach is your beachwear, flip-flops, sunscreen, hat, and towel. The island is volcanic and some beaches are gravel, so you may need comfortable shoes, like diving or water shoes. 

April, May, September to November would be the best months to visit Cyprus if you want to enjoy the sunshine. During these months, the sun is hot but not scorching and the water is fairly warm.

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Conclusion: Your Sandy Itinerary Awaits

If you’re still not convinced that Cyprus is an absolute must for your bucket list, I’d like to take a last shot at changing your mind.

Remember that you can’t go wrong with any beach that has crystal-clear turquoise water and no risky waves.

While hearing the waves crash together is a magical experience, it doesn’t come close to the idyllic and tranquil seawater that surrounds the Cyprus beaches. 

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Cyprus Beaches

Can you swim in the sea in Cyprus?

Yes, the water is so calm and clear in Cyprus that there’s nearly no risk when it comes to swimming in the sea. You can step straight off the Blue Flag beach and into the eastern Mediterranean Sea, which rarely gets below 15°C (59°F).  

Are beaches free in Cyprus?

The beaches in Cyprus are all municipal, which means that you can enjoy a day out for free. There are some paid services offered by locals that you can find on the beach, like umbrellas and sun loungers.  

Can you take stones from the beach in Cyprus?

The entire Cypriot coastline is considered an underwater museum. Thus, removing any natural objects, including stones and rocks, is strictly prohibited. 

What are the beach rules in Cyprus?

The rules in place at the Cyprus beaches are pretty straightforward. You may not place your umbrella or sunbed any closer than 3 meters (9.8 feet) from the water, bring a vehicle on the beach, or bring your dog to one of the beaches that aren’t dog-friendly. 

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