Cyprus Villages: Hidden Gems

Nestled in the Troodos Mountains and embracing the borders of the many white sand beaches, you’ll find the cozy Cypriot villages.

Here, the people are friendly and the smell of freshly pressed wine grapes prickles your senses.

The leaves rustle as the wind sweeps through the vineyards and everything is peaceful and calm, tucked away from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life. 

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The Charm of the Inland: Mountain Villages

Some of Cyprus’ most gorgeous villages are located in the Troodos Mountains, while some are nested at the foot of these majestic mountains. Here are some inland villages that you can find in and around Cypriot mountains: 

Pedoulas Village

Pedoulas is covered in cherry orchards and you can find products made from this sweet fruit at most shops and local markets.

The village is home to the church of Archangelos Michael, where you can see some of the island’s most beautiful frescos. 

Omodos Village

Omodos is famous for many things, from its traditional aesthetic and Medieval wine press to its Zivania spirit and arkatena bread. There’s also the monastery of Timios Stavros, an Icon Museum, and a National Liberation Museum in Omodos.

Plus, there’s an entire center dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Cypriot craft of narrow-knit lacing. 

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Lofou Village

Lofou is home to the village church that was dedicated to the Annunciation of Virgin Mary in the 19th century, a chapel dedicated to Prophet Elias, the faucet of Elitji that dates back to 1842, and the old school of Lofou.

The village’s cobble streets are shaded by grapevines and almond trees and the annual Grape Festival is a big hit. 

Platres Village 

One of Cyprus’ biggest waterfalls, known as Caledonia, flows in this village that sits at an altitude of 1,100 meters. For fun, you can visit Platres’ chocolate workshop or get your adrenaline pumping at the adventure rope park. 

Kalopanayiotis Village

The Lefkosia District’s Kalopanayiotis village is one of Cyprus’ most peaceful treasures. The village is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known as the Monastery of Saint John Lampadistes. Some of the village’s popular features include the Kykko watermill and the ancient Byzantine churches.

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Arsos Village

Nestled on the slopes of Lemesos District’s Laona Mountains, you’ll find this picturesque wine-producing village. Be sure to attend the annual Grape Feast to learn more about the village’s rich wine history and stop by the Folk Art Museum for some breathtaking cultural artwork. 

Agros Village

Agros is situated in the Pitsilia region of the Lemesos or Limassol District. The village is embraced by panoramic views of the forest and it sits at an altitude of 1,100 meters. If you would like to visit a village famous for roses, homemade sweets, and cured meats, Agros is the place to go.  

Coastal Escapes: Villages by the Sea

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Cyprus is an island so it’s only to be expected that some villages are situated right next to the coast. Here are some coastal villages to visit in Cyprus:

Pomos Village 

Pomos is built right next to the ocean with an average altitude of 10 meters. The village has many areas that haven’t been explored yet as well as thickly vegetated and uncultivated forests filled with pine and lime trees. The village is also home to a quaint monastery dedicated to Panagia Chrysopaterita. 

Pissouri Village 

Pissouri used to be a carob-exporting port during the Medieval times. There are many carob warehouses built from stones that are still standing. Today, you can dine or stay in one of these warehouses around the village. 

Latchi Village

Latchi is a harbor and fishing village in the Polis District. The village is a popular attraction for holidaymakers and even locals travel to this part of the island during festive times. There are many carob warehouses left in the village that were transformed into taverns that serve fresh fish from the local fishermen. 

Hidden Gems: Villages Worth a Detour

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There are some villages in Cyprus that get more visitors than others.

While visiting the popular spots can be fun, paying a visit to the hidden gems can change the game completely. Here are some lesser-known villages hidden away in Cyprus: 

Tochni Village 

Tochni is one of Cyprus’ oldest villages. The village is idyllic and serene with picturesque views of the Cypriot landscape and just about everything you need for a peaceful vacation. The houses are built from Tochni stone and the quaint Latin church in the center of the village overlooks the Orthodox church of Agios Constantinos and Agia Eleni.

Kathikas Village

Kathikas in the Pafos region is home to a quaint donkey sanctuary and various century-old homes. It’s a great idea to visit the village during Easter because the people tend to go all out, with Passion of the Christ reenactments and many other festivities. 

Skarinou Village 

Skarinou is situated on the road axis that connects Nicosia, Limassol, and Larnaca.

The village is home to the church of Panagia Odigitria and two chapels, Apostle Luke and St. George. What makes this village so picturesque is the overflow of gorgeous green olive trees that shadow the stone houses. 

Architectural Treasures: Timeless Village Structures

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Cyprus and its many villages are home to various ancient (and some modern) architectural structures that sprouted from the island’s rich cultural history. Here are some architectural treasures that are worth a detour from the major Cypriot cities: 

  • Archangelos Michael Church in Pedoulas
  • Agia Paraskevi Byzantine Church in Geroskipou
  • Timios Stavros Monastery in Omodos
  • Akapnou Bridge
  • Agia Mavri Medieval Bridge in Koilani
  • Treis Elies Venetian Bridge
  • Kato Archimandrita Bridge

Food and Wine: Village Specialties

Each village in Cyprus has its own specialty when it comes to cuisine and unique drinks.

There are some delicious things that you just have to try when visiting a particular Cypriot village.

If you’re ever in the mood for some of the best cured meats that your taste buds could ever hope for, be sure to stop by the village of Agros for a treat.

Pedoulas, which is known for its cherries, is home to the tastiest Glyko Kerassi, while Omodos offers the best Zivania spirit. Since Arsos is so big on their wines, it’s definitely recommended to try a few of their varieties. On the other hand, Doros is renowned for one specialty wine, and that would be Cyprus’ legendary dessert wine known as Commandaria

Festivals and Celebrations That Bring Cyprus’ Villages to Life

The biggest events take place in the bigger municipalities and cities in Cyprus but that doesn’t mean that nothing goes on in the villages. There are many festivals that celebrate the unique features that the various Cyprus villages bring to the table. 

The Cyprus Rose Festival in Agros is one of the biggest village festivals held on the island, while the Pasteli Festival in Anogyra is always a huge attraction for locals and international tourists. There are also many fruit-related festivals held in the villages of Cyprus, like the Strawberry Festival in Derynha, the Cherry Festivals held in Kampos, Pedoupas, Platanistasa, and Treis Elies, and the Grape Festivals held in Arsos and Lofou

The Fish Festival in Latchi and the Mushroom Festival in Spilia are also nice to visit while passing through these villages, while some other good options include the Carob Festival in Peyia and the Xylofagou Potato Festival.

Local Crafts and Markets: Souvenirs with Meaning

Whether you’re taking things home for friends and family or looking for items to commemorate your stay, you can’t leave Cyprus without taking a meaningful souvenir back home. You may encounter some very unique crafts made and sold by locals at the various markets on the island. 

Lefkaritika is without a doubt Cyprus’ most popular craft and legend has it that even Leonardo Da Vinci made a trip to the island to purchase some of this beautiful lace. Basketry and other woven goods are also a popular addition to market stalls and some locals choose to create gorgeous designs with silk cocoons

The island is known for its rich copper history and the locals still make and sell copperware and silverware, so be on the lookout for some unique pieces. They also sell decorated gourds that’ll make great centerpieces on your Easter tables. 

For more traditional items, you can look out for pottery done by the ladies of Cyprus and hesap embroidery with special designs. 

Rediscovering Cyprus, One Village at a Time

It’s true that the beaches in Cyprus are some of the most gorgeous in the world and you just have to stop by at least a couple when traveling on the island.

However, a trip to this Mediterranean island isn’t complete without a visit to the quaint and cozy villages that form the backbone of the Cypriot community.

Whether you want to meet some locals, attend a local festival, or learn more about the island’s history in a museum, the villages are a must for your to-visit list.