Cyprus Bucket List: Things to Do in Cyprus with Kids

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Are you planning a holiday with kids in Cyprus?

No matter what time of the year you’re coming, I can guarantee they will love it! If you’ve already done your research ahead of your trip, you have probably found the common tips like beach days, kids entertainment parks and waterpark options. Hotels will also have kids club options and similar entertainment.

What I wanted to focus in this guide was a bit more authentic experiences that both kids of all ages and adults can enjoy at the same time.

My little boy was born in Cyprus and we moved away last year when he turned 4, so most of my tips here have been child-proofed over the years.

If you’re coming to Cyprus with small kids, don’t be surprised how warmly they are welcomed by locals. Cypriots love kids of all ages and embrace them anywhere, so no need to worry if your little one makes noise in a restaurant or causes havoc in a monastery.

Here is a list of the most enjoyable experiences and places to visit, in no particular order of importance or preference.

1. Oleastro Olive Park

We found Oleastro by chance and I couldn’t be happier. They have a huge garden full of olive trees and plants, little stream running through the garden, a small farm with animals and an olive mill on the site.

You can let kids run around the garden while you enjoy a lunch in the restaurant and they will enjoy the ability to feed the animals and watch the olive mill at work.

Read more about it here: Oleastro Olive Park

Location: Anogyra (between Limassol and Paphos, about 30 mins drive from Petra tou Romiou)

oleastro olive oil park and museum cyprus 9
oleastro olive oil park and museum cyprus 29
oleastro olive oil park and museum cyprus 50
oleastro olive oil park and museum cyprus 46
oleastro olive oil park and museum cyprus 16

2. Paphos ZOO

If you’re staying near Paphos, this is probably already on your list. It gets pretty busy in the summer so the best time to visit is early in the morning.

Take plenty of water as it takes some time to walk around (although it’s not the largest ZOO by any means). There is a decent restaurant close to the entrance and a small gift shop.


Location: short drive from Paphos towards Peyia, you will get there just following the signs

paphos zoo 25
paphos zoo
paphos zoo
paphos zoo
paphos zoo
paphos zoo

3. Kourion Archaeological Site

Kourion is just outside of Limassol, making it a great day trip with the option of spending the afternoon at the beach.

The views from here are amazing and while you enjoy the historic site, kids can roam free and explore on their own.

After you’re done with the sightseeing, you can take a drive down the hill to spend a day at Kourion beach, one of the best ones in Limassol. There is a selection of restaurants right next to the beach too – food quality is not amazing, but good enough to fuel up after a day at the beach.

Location: short drive from Limassol

kourion cyprus 1 14
kourion cyprus 1 18
kourion cyprus 1 17
kourion cyprus 1 23
See Kourion, Aphrodites Rock and Tomb of the Kings, all in same package with guide: From Limassol: Kourion & Paphos Tour

4. Omodos Monastery

If you want to take a break from the beach or pools, visiting a monastery in Troodos mountains is a nice way to escape the heat in the summer.

Omodos Monastery is one of the most accessible and known ones, and its also located in one of the most picturesque villages in the mountains.

You can get a day trip with a bus from your hotel or rent a car to drive here, it’s fairly easy to find. The village is full of charming local tavernas and small shops offering locally made products and food.


Location: Omodos Village

omodos cyprus 1 18
omodos cyprus 1 10
omodos cyprus 1 12
omodos cyprus 1 24

5. Beach Picnic

Have the beach all to yourself to enjoy a dinner picnic! I’m not sure what’s the situation on other side of the island, but in Paphos the beaches were nearly deserted in the late afternoons / early evening. My theory is that it was because most people retire to their hotels for dinner time or leave to get changed and eat out in a restaurant.

That means you can sit down at nearly empty beach by yourself to watch a sunset with your own food and a glass of bubbly in hand.

We often took a stroll from our house in Coral Bay to one of the small beaches we found on the way to set up picnic spot with the most gorgeous sunset views.

It’s great for kids too as they can explore the beach and you don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the crowd of tourists.

More photos:

Beach Picnic in Coral Bay

Picnic in Akamas Peninsula

august picnic cyprus 1 35
august picnic cyprus 1 40
august cyprus picnic
things to do in Cyprus

6. Tombs of the Kings

Tombs of the Kings is one of the most accessible historic sites, and unlike the more famous Paphos Archeaological Park, it’s not huge and much more enjoyable for kids.

The park has a number of old tombs that you are free to explore (and kids love to climb the rocks here), gorgeous views towards the coastline and easily accessible with a local bus in Paphos or a short drive away in a taxi.

As with any other open-air sights in Cyprus, in summer make sure you get there in the morning to avoid the mid-day heat (and take water with you).


Location: Paphos (take a bus from Paphos Harbour)

Tombs of The Kings, Paphos - Cyprus
Tombs of The Kings, Paphos - Cyprus
Tombs of The Kings, Paphos - Cyprus
Tombs of The Kings, Paphos - Cyprus
Tombs of The Kings, Paphos - Cyprus

7. Paphos Luna Park

If you’re staying in Paphos, your kids will love this little park. It’s right on the edge of Paphos but a short walk to the beach and Riccos beach bar.

There is a selection of rides for the kids, indoor entertainment area and a small restaurant.

It’s nothing as spectacular as the Luna Park in Ayia Napa, but the easy access to beach and coastline make it a treat both for parents and kids alike.

If you’re coming here, don’t forget to stop at Ricco’s beach bar.


Location: edge of Paphos

riccos beach paphos
riccos beach paphos
march weather cyprus
Riccos Beach Paphos
riccos beach paphos
riccos beach paphos

8. Limassol Marina & Promenade

As much as I don’t enjoy city life, I love Limassol marina and the promenade.

The promenade gets really busy in late afternoon when the temperatures drop and has a number of playgrounds and cafes to enjoy. There are small mountains, well maintained grass and plenty of space to run around.

In the Marina, you will find a good selection of restaurants with a view and a few shopping options too.

If you want to hide in the shade, visit the Limassol castle which is just a short walk away.

More photos and info here: Limassol Marina

Save time and hassle and see Limassol with local guide: Welcome to Limassol: Private Tour with a Local
limassol marina 7
limassol marina 15
limassol marina 8
limassol marina 22
limassol marina 9

9. Agios Georgios

I’m a little biased here but this is my favourite spot in Paphos. It’s still relatively peaceful, has amazing views and it’s perfect for exploring the coastline with kids.

As you take a walk down the hill next to the taverna, you can continue walking the coastline and discovering small sea caves, rock formations and beautiful landscapes.

We spent many weekend mornings here just dipping our feet and finding rocks, climbing into caves and discovering hidden natural treasures.


Location: Agios Georgios – Peyia, short drive away from Paphos

st george harbour cyprus 6
moving to cyprus expectations vs reality
st george harbour cyprus 7
st george cyprus 35
st george cyprus 15
st george cyprus 20

10. A Day in Nicosia

If you’re coming to Cyprus, you can’t leave without visiting the capital. It’s the only divided capital city in the world and a place full of contrasts.

Admittedly, it gets super hot in the summer but there are plenty of places to cool off.

Trips to Nicosia are normally offered as day trips from the hotels or you can rent a car and drive yourself (Paphos – Nicosia is 2 hours, Limassol – Nicosia around 1.5 hours).

Leave from Paphos on a sightseeing trip to Nicosia with a hotel transfer. Visit St. John’s Cathedral, walk through the old quarter to see the shops and cafes, then spend some free time shopping. From Paphos: Nicosia Sightseeing Tour with Hotel Transfer

There are lots of museums if you want to escape the heat and also places of interest for kids.

More photos & info: Weekend in Nicosia

nicosia cyprus 30
nicosia cyprus 29
nicosia cyprus 28
nicosia cyprus
nicosia cyprus 35

11. Herb Garden in Polis

Polis is probably my least explored city in Cyprus, but it has some gems that are worth a visit.

This herb garden was one of them. It’s actually a restaurant that has a massive herb garden and a small playground for kids. It’s great as a stop over if you’re travelling to Latchi or Akamas (but certainly not worth a one day trip just to see this place).

Polis has also a very charming old town with atmospheric tavernas, old houses and cute bars.

herb garden restaurant polis cyprus
herb garden restaurant polis cyprus
herb garden restaurant polis cyprus
herb garden restaurant polis cyprus

12. Heaven on Earth Herb Garden

If you get tired of palm trees, head to this green oasis in the middle of a small village.

You will discover a garden full of the most aromatic herbs, plants, all shaded under the canopy of lush green trees. There are picture-perfect seating areas all around the garden and the smells are just out of this world.

Make sure to leave room for one of the delicious cakes flushed down by home-made ice teas.

Location: just after Kathikas village, about 30 mins drive away from Paphos

heaven on earth herb garden, Polis Cyprus
heaven on earth herb garden, Polis Cyprus
heaven on earth herb garden, Polis Cyprus
heaven on earth herb garden, Polis Cyprus
heaven on earth herb garden, Polis Cyprus

13. Stay in a Yurt

If you want to experience something more authentic than your traditional hotel room, and connect with nature, book a stay in one of the three yurts in Cyprus!

The yurts are located in Sarama valley (Paphos district) and are all authentic Mongolian yurts. It’s the perfect escape from the buzz of the city and offer plenty of options for exploring the surrounding area (hiking, bikes etc)

yurts in cyprus
yurts in cyprus
yurts in cyprus
yurts in cyprus

14. Caledonia Waterfalls

After just an hour drive from the coastline, you will find yourself in the middle of lush forest – Troodos Mountains.

Take your kids to chase the waterfalls together – the most accessible one – Caledonia Waterfalls are very popular among locals who normally visit on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

There is a bit of uphill getting there but the walk is very enjoyable and leads next to a small stream.


Location: google map location here

waterfalls in Cyprus
waterfalls in Cyprus
waterfalls in Cyprus
waterfalls in Cyprus

15. Visit Kakopetria

One last thing to tick off your list – Troodos villages.

While there are plenty of charming villages to choose from, Kakopetria was probably my favourite one.

It maintains its old character with rustic buildings, tiny alleways filled with plants and flowers, and locals love coming here in the summer for their holidays. There are old churches, hiking trails and traditional tavernas – what more could you wish for?

Kids have plenty of space to run around and plenty of things to explore (includes local wildlife).

Location: Kakopetria (google map link here)


You might also like: Kalopanayiotis Village

kakopetria cyprus 56
kakopetria cyprus 55
kakopetria cyprus 34
kakopetria cyprus 49
kakopetria cyprus 70
kakopetria cyprus 40

16. Visit Blue Lagoon

If you fancy a boat trip, this is the place to do it!

You can rent your own boat from Latchi harbour or jump on one of the cruises that leave from Latchi (cheaper) or Paphos.

If you have older kids, they will love snorkeling in the crystal clear waters and floating in the sea.

A word of warning – it does get busy here in the summer and there will be lots of boats parked in the same bay.

Visit the Akamas region of Cyprus and enjoy a cruise to the Blue Lagoon on a day trip that combines the best of land and sea. From Paphos: Akamas Highlights and Blue Lagoon Relax Day

I hope you found some inspiration here for planning your own trip – let me know if you went and which one of the places you like the most!

Enjoy your holiday!

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