Cyprus Golf: Complete Guide

Sightseeing in Cyprus and exploring the gorgeous white-sand coastline is an experience on its own but what most people don’t realize is that there are some glorious golf courses hidden on the island.

What could possibly be better than teeing off on a magical island with nothing but perfect weather and jaw-dropping views?

Sipping on cocktails next to a crystal clear sea sounds idyllic but once you sink your shoes into the lush greens of a Cypriot golf course, you’ll experience paradise. Plus, who said you can’t have cocktails on a Cypriot golf course?

Minthis Hills, Tsada - Cyprus

Cyprus Golf Courses: The Cream of the Crop

Cyprus doesn’t have a lot of golf courses but the few that are spread out in secluded spots across the island are all exceptional.

Here is a list of Cyprus’ best-of-the-best golf courses: 

Aphrodite Hills Golf Course

Aphrodite Hills is an 18-hole championship course that spans over 6,289 meters of Cypriot land. The course opened back in 2002 and it’s been reaping awards ever since.

The designer, Cabell Robinson, designed the course so it would be suited for players of all skill levels.

The views from the course are breathtaking, with the exact spot where Aphrodite is said to have emerged from the Mediterranean Sea. 

Eléa Estate Golf Club 

Sir Nick Faldo designed this par 71 masterpiece that overlooks the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea.

The course has been winning accolades as one of Europe’s best courses since it opened. With various natural features and an authentic Mediterranean feel, this 18-hole golf course is a must-play for golfers of all skill levels.

Minthis Golf Club

Minthis Golf Club, the 18-hole Cypriot golf course with the most gorgeous views of the Troodos Mountains, was designed by Donald Steel.

It has since undergone a marvelous renovation by Mackenzie & Ebert, a company founded by Tom Mackenzie. The par 72 course is true to its natural landscape, embracing every inch of the topography and every olive tree. 

Secret Valley Golf Course

It took a couple of masterminds to design this unique Cyprus golf course.

Hans-Georg Erhardt and Snorri Vilhjalmsson of Golf and Land Design were the main architects but they had a lot of input from Tony Jacklin, four-time winner of the Ryder Cup and winner of both the British and US Opens. The course is known as one of Cyprus’ most challenging 18-hole courses but it also has one of the most gorgeous backdrops, which features jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Minthis Hills, Tsada - Cyprus

Cyprus Golf Resorts: Stay and Play in Style

Cyprus is home to various luxurious golf resorts, where you’ll find the fantastic courses mentioned above. Each of these resorts has its own unique features and amenities where you can do much more than play golf. Here’s some info regarding the fancy golf resorts on the island: 

Minthis Golf Resort

Minthis Golf Resort is home to Minthis Golf Club, one of Cyprus’ best courses. The resort offers three types of accommodation options, including stylish suites, luxurious villas, and elegant residences

There’s a world-class spa onsite, where you can relax or experience some true traditional Greek healing methods. For the fittest of your group, there’s a gym and fitness studio with a yoga pavilion and Pilates studio. 

In terms of dining opportunities, there’s a clubhouse overlooking the golf course and a cocktail bar in the resort’s social square. Plus, Minthis is home to a brand-new Mediterranean restaurant known as Amaracus.

Korineum Golf & Beach Resort

The Korineum Golf & Beach Resort is located in the Northern part of Cyprus. The resort features a total of 86 fancy guest rooms and suites

They have a clubhouse and two restaurants, The Valley Restaurant and Carob Island Restaurant, on the premises. If you feel snackish at the beach, there’s a beach snack bar and a pool bar. Plus, they have two sports bars where you can relax and have a few drinks after a round of golf. 

If you win on the golf course and your opponent demands a rematch, you can challenge them on one of the resort’s four clay tennis courts. Don’t worry, there’s a lovely spa to get your muscles back in top condition. 

Aphrodite Hills Resort

Aphrodite Hills Resort has it all, starting with the gem known as Aphrodite Hills Golf Course. For your stay, they have various apartments and diverse villas, ranging from junior villas to elite villas. 

The resort has a spa where you can not only get your daily massage, but you can also get your hair done. Plus, the spa is home to a health restaurant and fitness spa

For the sports enthusiasts, there are tennis, soccer, basketball, cycling, hiking, and even horse riding facilities to keep you active. Afterward, you can have a hearty meal or light snacks at one of the resort’s 21 dining establishments, ranging from bars to restaurants. 

Tee Times and Seasons: When to Play

The weather is generally nice in Cyprus and you could enjoy a round of golf at any time during the year. However, for the optimal golfing experience, there are some months that stand out above the rest. 

The Tourist season can be a crazy time on the island as most people rush to Cyprus for Easter and all the other big festivals that follow. So, if you’d like to avoid large crowds and overbooked hotels, the tourist season, which lasts from April to October, isn’t the best time to tee off in Cyprus.

Fortunately, you don’t have to miss the sunny season when avoiding large groups of tourists. Cyprus gets an average of 300 to 340 sunny days every year and the subtropical Mediterranean climate ensures that the summers are lovely, with temperatures ranging from 30 to 33 °C. 

If this sounds too hot for a day in the sun, September to March would be your best bet. During these months, the temperature stays between 17 and 25 °C, and the tourist groups aren’t overbearing.

Golfer’s Budget: Costs and Packages

There are many costs that come into play when hitting the greens for a day out. The first thing you need to consider is the green fees for the course of your choice. Green fees in Cyprus aren’t exceptionally pricey but they aren’t cheap either, like at Minthis, where you’ll pay €85.00 ($89) per round. 

Then, you need to consider the equipment that you’ll need for the course. At Minthis, renting a golf cart will set you back €38.00 ($40) and clubs will cost €35.00 ($37) for the day. If you need a trolley, you can choose between a manual trolley for €10.00 ($11) or an electric trolley for €15.00 ($16). 

If you’d like to combine your stay in Cyprus with your golf, you could always book a stay-and-play package at a golf resort of your choice. At resorts like Minthis, you’ll pay for your stay, which will get you a discount on your golf. Suites at this resort start at €280.00 ($296) per night, while villas cost no less than €580.00 ($612) per night. 

Golf Tournaments and Events

There are many golf tournaments and events that are held annually for the local players, both professional and amateur. If you’re ever in Cyprus at the right time, you could always slip away from the beach or museums to watch one of these tournaments take place: 

  • Cyprus Golf Classic
  • CFG Cup
  • National Order of Merit (NOOM)
  • National JUNIOR Order of Merit
  • Nicos Severis Cyprus Junior Open
  • Match Play Championships
  • Cyprus Amateur Men’s Open
  • Cyprus Amateur Ladies Open
  • Special Olympics Cyprus Open
  • CGF Championships
  • Cyprus Senior Amateur Men’s & Ladies Opens
  • Minthis Open
  • Minthis Junior Open

Golfing Etiquette and Local Customs

Golf is an international game and most customs that apply in Cyprus are no different than those of the rest of the world. Most of these rules or customs are unwritten but you don’t have to be an expert to know them. Here are some things to remember when teeing off in Cyprus: 

  • Dress suitably when you step onto a golf course and always wear the right shoes. 
  • Don’t talk when your opponent is playing. 
  • Don’t be late for your tee time. 
  • Don’t lose your temper and always consider your partner and the course. 
  • Always shake your partner’s hand after a game.
  • Don’t walk in another player’s putting line. 
  • Stick to the general rules of the game.

Making the Most of Your Cyprus Golf Experience

Cyprus is a magical place, even before you take the island’s golf courses into account.

You may not travel to this Mediterranean island just to play golf and it probably won’t cross your mind until you get there, but you definitely shouldn’t leave before trying your luck on at least one of the world-class courses.

With perfect weather and breathtaking views surrounding most courses, there really is no reason to give golf in paradise a skip. So, are you headed to Cyprus with your golf clubs and some sunscreen yet?