Cyprus Transport

If you’re traveling to Cyprus and wonder about the transport options, you’re in the right place.

I’ve spent 6.5 years exploring the island, and I am very familiar with all the transport options. In this article, you will find detailed insights about all the transport options available in Cyprus.

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Public Transport in Cyprus

First things first, let’s chat about public transportation.

Buses in Cyprus

Cyprus has a bus system that links most towns and major tourist areas. It’s pretty affordable and generally reliable, but you know, it’s not as comprehensive as you might find in bigger European cities.

Buses are more frequent during the tourist season, and some routes even operate 24/7. However, if you’re venturing into rural areas or smaller villages, buses might not be your best bet. Just a heads-up: Don’t be too surprised if a bus arrives a bit late; it’s all part of the laid-back Cypriot lifestyle!

Trains in Cyprus

Got a love for trains? Sorry, mate, you’re outta luck. Cyprus doesn’t have a railway system. But hey, the island is small enough that you won’t miss it too much.

Renting a Car in Cyprus

Now, onto my favorite: renting a car in Cyprus.

If you want the freedom to explore the island’s nooks and crannies—like those Instagrammable beaches and hidden mountain trails—a car is the way to go.

The road network is generally in good condition, and driving is on the left-hand side, a leftover from British rule.

Just remember, during the summer, the roads can get packed, especially along the coast and near popular tourist attractions.

Oh, and parking? In larger cities like Nicosia and Limassol, finding a parking spot can sometimes turn into a mini adventure of its own.

Before you rent a car I recommend checking out my detailed guide here.

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Taxis in Cyprus

Taxis are another option, and they’re relatively affordable compared to other European countries. You can hail a taxi on the street or book one in advance. If you’re traveling from the airport to your accommodation, it’s often a good idea to pre-book a taxi or use a shuttle service to get a better rate.

Boats and Yachts in Cyprus

For those who like to travel in style, Limassol and Larnaca have marinas where you can dock your yacht—yes, you heard that right, your yacht! I mean, it’s the Mediterranean, baby; why not travel in style?

Ferries also operate between Cyprus and some neighboring countries like Greece, but services can be sporadic, so you’ll want to check the latest schedules.

Cycling in Cyprus

Lastly, let’s talk about biking. While Cyprus has made some efforts to be more bike-friendly, especially in cities like Limassol, don’t expect extensive bike lanes or bike-sharing programs just yet. If you’re into mountain biking, though, the Troodos Mountains offer some killer trails. In general, I would not recommend using bikes outside of the cities as it can be quite dangerous.