Cyprus Weather in February: Local Expert Guide [2024]

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What’s Cyprus weather in February like? If you are wondering whether it’s worth booking a holiday to Cyprus in February, this article will give you all the answers!

I have been living in Cyprus for over 6 years and had my fair share of winter experiences. One thing is for sure – no one winter is the same!

The weather can be really unpredictable this time of the year, so your best chance of catching a lucky break is to get some last-minute deals and flights, making sure you check the February weather in advance.

Here is a little recap of the weather conditions you can expect in February in Cyprus.

february weather Cyprus
Coastal area in Limassol in February

Cyprus Weather in February: At Glance

Here are some monthly averages, but keep in mind every year is a little different and the weather will vary quite a bit.

  • Weather conditions: plenty of sunny days, but also rain
  • Day temperature: lows at 10C and highs of 23C
  • Night temperature: around 10C, sometimes even lower
  • Sunny days: roughly half of the month could be nice and sunny weather
  • Rainy days: 8 to 10 rainy days
  • Sea Temperature: between 16C – 18C
february weather Cyprus
Paphos ZOO

Cyprus Weather in February: An Overview

The weather in February in Cyprus is pretty crazy and very unpredictable.

You can have sunny warm days that make you tempted to pull out your summer clothes and get out of the fridges they call houses in here. After that, there will be a downpour so bad, that streets are flooded and the roads turn to rivers.

Last year we had a blast and a super warm sunny winter but it looks like this year, it came back to show us what it’s supposed to be.

The weather variations are quite big year on year, so checking the forecast in advance will give you a better idea of what to expect, and more importantly what to pack with you.

It is very likely that if you’re booking your holiday for February, you can expect some rainy and windy days, but also some sunshine.

How to get the best of both worlds? As I mentioned earlier, to ensure you can enjoy your holiday to the most, it’s best to wait for last-minute flight deals after checking the weather and making sure it will be decent enough for your trip.

The weather forecasts long time in advance are very inaccurate as the conditions change very frequently.

february weather Cyprus
Paphos ZOO

Cyprus in February for Holiday?

If you’re wondering whether February is a good month to come for a holiday, I would recommend waiting till the very end of the month or even better, till March.

The holiday resorts are actually all closed until the start of March and the same applies to a lot of restaurants in busy spots like Ayia Napa or my local Coral Bay.

Below are some photos that I took on sunny days, and even for such a rainy month like February, there were plenty of those (from my posts on Paphos ZOO and Londa Hotel).

I did not get out as much as usual in February and am for now enjoying the indoors before spring arrives in full force.

The bees and blooming trees are certainly a very nice reminder that it’s just around the corner.

february weather Cyprus
Limassol in February

What to Do in Cyprus in February?

February is a great time to explore the main sights Cyprus has to offer, without having to worry about the crowds. If the weather permits, these are some great options to explore in February:

What to Pack for Cyprus in February

February belongs to one of the coldest months of the year in Cyprus, and with unpredictable weather you need to be prepared for a bit of rain and plenty of windy days.

If you’re planning a holiday in Cyprus in February, I would suggest packing warm clothing and some weatherproof options. Closed shoes are also advisable, and bringing an umbrella is a must.

If you’re staying in rented accommodation, I would suggest packing a pair of slippers with you as houses in Cyprus rarely use carpets and the floors are very cold in the winter.

Frequent Questions about Cyprus Weather in February

What’s the weather like in Cyprus in February?

Generally, it’s fairly cold and the weather changes a lot, it’s much more unpredictable compared to the rest of the year. While you can count on some sunny days, there are also plenty of rainy and windy days around.

What is the weather like in Paphos Cyprus in February?

The weather in Paphos is similar to the rest of the island, the temperatures climb down below 20C with nights being much colder. There are quite a few rainy days around and the weather can be quite unpredictable this time of year.

How is the weather in Cyprus in February?

Much colder and with a lot more rain compared to the rest of the year.

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