3 Unique Hotel Experiences in Cyprus

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If you’re planning a holiday in Cyprus, there are certainly plenty of hotel options to choose from.

What I wanted to show you is something that’s a little more special than your standard chain hotel by the coastline. Sure they don’t have the sea views, but everything else about these three places makes up for it!

All of these are places that I have previously stayed in (either as a birthday treat or a weekend escape) and all of them are hotels I would return to any time.

Each option is very different and I tried to narrow it down to top 3 that really tick all the boxes.

I also linked previous in-depth posts about these in case you want to know more details.

I’m very excited to show you around!

Euphoria Art Land

This place certainly deserves the top spot on my list.

Three houses and immaculate gardens and grounds hand-crafted (literally) by a local Cypriot artist, made from recycled materials and designed in a way that would make even Gaudi a little jealous.

Each house has a unique theme and thanks to the remote setting, you can truly escape to a wonderland from which you never want to leave.

For more information please check my previous posts here:

Euphoria Art Land Grounds and Earth House

Colour & Blue House, Terrace Views & Breakfast

Prices – start from 100 eur for Earth House

Location – about 20km from Limassol towards Larnaca (remote but easy to find)

Pros – absolutely unique place that you have never seen anywhere before. Exclusive and quiet. Perfect for a romantic escape or a special treat.

Cons – no restaurant, only breakfast served. A small kitchenette is available in each house or you can take a short drive to Limassol for restaurant options.

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Casale Panayiotis

I spent my birthday weekend in mountain resort of Casale Panayiotis (November) and I was amazed by how beautiful the village and premises were.

The properties which were falling apart were lovingly restored to breathe new life not just to the buildings but also to the small community in the village.

You are surrounded by Troodos mountains, in the distance you can hear the river running under the Venetian bridge from 16th century and you’re staying right next to an old monastery and sulfur springs.

The resort consists of 41 luxury guest rooms spread around 7 different guest houses in different locations in the village.

There are lots of quirky little bars, shops and restaurant you can visit in the village giving you plenty to explore without having to drive anywhere.

Check the full posts here:

Casale Panayiotis – Facilities & Restaurant

Part 2 – Surroundings in Kalopanayiotis

Prices: from 133 eur per night

Location: village of Kalopanayiotis (Troodos Mountains)

Pros: great for summer escape as it’s much cooler in the mountains. Wide range of different rooms for all price points. Well equipped spa and pool with gorgeous mountain views. Not as crowded as other mountain villages.

Cons: when visiting off season (November – March) a lot of the facilities and restaurants within the village are closed, giving you only limited options for dining out.

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Yurts in Cyprus

I think Yurts were one of the first ‘hotels’ I stayed in during my first year in Cyprus.

I discovered them by a chance and got very excited to see something so unique and so close to Paphos. I have never stayed in a yurt before and the idea of the remote location coupled with the valley views and sunsets was enough to get me there.

The yurt itself is very cool with detailed decorations and plenty of space (even though it may look small from outside). We had a small terrace next to our one where we enjoyed wine at sunset and, occasionally, a visit from the property’s dog (friendliest little fella).

I have some content and photos in the post linked below, but some of it will be already outdated (visited 2016) so check their website for most accurate information.

Yurts in Cyprus

It’s a bed and breakfast but they’re happy to cook dinner for you too. Lately they’ve been doing lots of concerts and sunset yoga classes so check in advance to make sure you don’t miss out.

The place is super animal friendly and kids would love it here too! You can rent bikes and explore the surroundings, go on picnics, join yoga classes or simply enjoy being in the nature.

Prices: from 220 eur per night, more during weekends

Location: Simou Village, about 30 mins drive from Paphos

Pros: great location if you’re escaping the buzz of a city, perfect for recharging and relaxing. Unique stay that’s not available anywhere else on the island. For restaurant options, there is another resort nearby where you can go for dinner – Ayii Anargyri (short drive away).

Cons: we had a bit of struggle finding the location as we drove in dark, but shouldn’t be a problem during the day.

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yurts in cyprus
yurts in cyprus
yurts in cyprus

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations and if you have any of your own you would like everyone else to know about, feel free to leave a comment here!

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