Cyprus Weather in October: Local Expert Guide [2023]

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I know I’m asking for a lot of trouble here, but while the rest of Europe gets the first taste of winter misery, Cyprus is still enjoying extended summer, even in October. And it will last for probably another month.

If you’re wondering about Cyprus weather in October, this post will answer all the questions you may be having!

Cyprus Weather in October

A lot of the questions I get via email are about the weather in Cyprus, especially in the winter and spring months, so I decided to do a little update each month, especially for those who are planning a holiday and have no idea what to expect here in those less crowded months.

I personally think October is one of the best months to visit Cyprus. Cyprus weather in October is super pleasant, and you can fully enjoy your holiday without having to worry about scorching hot temperatures or rainy days.

Cyprus weather in October
Coral Bay at the end of November just after sunset

Cyprus Weather in October: The Averages

General Weather Conditions: Sunny but not hot. The perfect weather! Rarely a rainy day.
Day Temperature: 25-30 °C
Sun: 26 sunny days. 
Rain: 2-3 rainy days. Rains for a few hours and sun shines again after that.
Clouds: 2-3 cloudy days. 
Swimming: Water temperature 22-26 °C
Sunset: The sun sets at 18:30

Temperatures in October

The day temperatures are still perfect for sunbathing and swimming in the sea, and the sea water is still very warm.

Evenings and early mornings are colder than in September but not so cold that you would need a jacket.

The temperatures in October in Cyprus hover around mid-twenties generally, but you can get some hot sunny days when the temperatures climb higher.

Cyprus Weather in October
Coralia beach still nice and warm at the end of October

Tourism in October

Streets are less crowded, even though tourists seem to be arriving more and more for the October holidays. Cyprus Tourism Organisation seems to be actively promoting Cyprus as a winter destination, so we can all expect that in the coming years, even October will feel like the middle of the summer, at least in terms of the number of tourists.

Paphos is generally one of the least crowded places on the island and the shift in tourist season is very noticeable.

Popular hotspots like Ayia Napa are still full in force and you can bet your money on the fact you won’t be alone on a deserted beach. Restaurants are still busy, but not overcrowded as it was just a month ago. Generally, it feels a little easier to breathe after the main wave of visitors passed.

At a time of writing this post, 1st November, the weather is still pretty amazing. 26C today and sunny ALL DAY long. October was pretty much the same story.

We had two highly anticipated rainy days when we got a few showers, what felt like a much welcome break from the heat.

Cyprus Weather in October
Marina near Coral Bay

Booking a Holiday in Cyprus in October

Choosing October for your holiday in Cyprus is a pretty safe bet.

Cyprus weather in October is very stable, you won’t be surprised by a week-long stretch of rain or anything to that extent.

Cyprus is also not as crowded as its usually the case in September, but the tourist numbers are increasing every year for the winter season too.

If you’re already packing for your booked holiday, you can get away with summer clothes, but throw in some light cardigans or jackets for the late evenings and early mornings when the temperatures are a bit lower.

Cyprus Weather: Local Updates Month by Month

In case you are wondering about other times of the year, I have prepared a detailed monthly update for each month of the year, check them out here:

The Best Time to Visit Cyprus – Month by Month Guide

Cyprus Weather in October
Cyprus Weather in October
Cyprus Weather in October
Cyprus Weather in October
Cyprus Weather in October
Cyprus Weather in October
Cyprus Weather in October
Cyprus Weather in October
Cyprus Weather in October
Cyprus weather October

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