Le Frenchie Restaurant, Limassol (Cyprus)

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A while back our friends introduced us to Le Frenchie, a small well-hidden restaurant right next to Limassol castle.  

It was the one time when I really regretted we don’t live in Limassol because having such a gem at your doorstep is priceless.

I’ve tried my fair share of restaurants in Limassol, and overall they are few steps up from most of the eateries in Paphos, but Le Frenchie must be probably the best one in town.

My hunt for the best French food originally took me to La Maison Fleurie, an overpriced joint with an inflated ego on the other side of the town. Zero atmospheres, average-tasting food and a major disappointment. Prices of a 5 star hotel with the delivery of a 3 star resort.

Much to my delight, Le Frenchie was on the opposite side of the scales.

No matter if you want to go fancy or budget, you will find something that caters to both. You can choose from a set menu or go fancy with the traditional French classics like oysters, snails, freshly baked croissants, and much more.

This was my second dinner in Le Frenchie (+ we stopped for breakfast the next day too) and the food and service was exceptional.

As you arrive you will be greeted by authentic French-speaking staff who make their most to please you. The menu is very simple but with impressive choices that leave you baffled because you want to try them all (at least that’s me!). The wine list also goes on for miles and in addition to traditional Cypriot wineries, you can choose from lots of international options. As you start your dinner and if you sit outside in summer (highly recommended), you get a chance to watch old-fashioned black and white movies which they screen on the wall opposite.

The restaurant is in a quiet side street so you are not disturbed by the traffic or constant flow of tourists and people walking past.

If you want a true culinary experience, I can’t recommend Le Frenchie enough!

PS: at the end of the article are few photos of blooming wisteria we managed to catch on our way around the castle. Completely unrelated but very pretty so I had to share!

Le Frenchie – French Bistro and Restaurant, Limassol

website: they don’t have one yet but you can contact them through Facebook

reservations: recommended for dinners, especially at weekends. Call 25 212333 to book.

menu: from 12 eur for mains, set menu of 3 courses available for 21 eur

where to find them: location here

frenchie restaurant limassol 14
frenchie restaurant limassol 15
frenchie restaurant limassol 16
frenchie restaurant limassol 17
frenchie restaurant limassol 18
frenchie restaurant limassol 21
frenchie restaurant limassol
frenchie restaurant limassol

below: Rokkolino salad with brie cheese stuffed in freshly baked pastry

frenchie restaurant limassol 7

below: French Duck Breast with pumpkin and red berry sauce

frenchie restaurant limassol 10

below: seared scallops with mash and edible flowers

frenchie restaurant limassol 8

below: cod and salmon in milky sauce with fennel (not menu description, just from my memory), by far the best fish meal I had on the island in my 4 years here

frenchie restaurant limassol 11
frenchie restaurant limassol 12
frenchie restaurant limassol 19
frenchie restaurant limassol 20
frenchie restaurant limassol 23
frenchie restaurant limassol 22
frenchie restaurant limassol 25
frenchie restaurant limassol 27
frenchie restaurant limassol 28
frenchie restaurant limassol 29
frenchie restaurant limassol 30

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