The Best Kato Paphos Beaches: A Local Guide

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Are you staying in Paphos and wondering what are the best beaches to enjoy some sun in Kato Paphos?

In that case, you’re at the right place!

I have been living in Paphos for 6.5 years, so know all the beaches and hidden gems inside out.

In this article, I prepared a list of the different beaches accessible in Kato Paphos. Spoiler Alert: they’re all great and you will love swimming or sunbathing in any of them!

Let’s dive in! (pun intended)

riccos beach paphos
Riccos Beach near Kato Paphos.
st george harbour cyprus 8
Agios Georgios near Paphos.

Top Beaches in Kato Paphos

1. Alykes Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Kato Paphos is Alyes Beach is located near the bustling tourist area. It has golden sands and shallow waters so it is suitable for families with small children.

Alkyes also provides sunbeds, umbrellas and cafes/restaurants are nearby.

It’s a good idea to come here to relax under the Mediterranean sun this summer!

2. Vrisoudia Beach

Another favorite among locals and tourists is Vrisoudia Beach, which comprises Vrisoudia A and Vrisoudia B areas.

These beaches have fine sand and calm water surfaces. Lifeguards, showers and changing rooms are available at Vrisoudia beach facilities.

Beautiful views of the coastal line can be contemplated from an adjacent promenade while taking a leisure walk.


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3. Municipal Baths Beach

Located close to the center of Kato Paphos-Municipal Baths Beach is convenient if you stay in the city centre.

The beach has rocky areas where swimming can take place through steps to access the water easily. In the winter the waves crash dramatically to the path and sunbathing area, making it a fabulous spectacle!

Several cafes and small restaurants are located right next to it, so its a great choice if you want to swim and have a quick option for a lunch or drink nearby. My favourite place is Ta Bania (photos below).

paphos harbour
Municipal Baths (Τα Μπάνια restaurant)
paphos harbour
View from Τα Μπάνια restaurant.

4. SODAP Beach

SODAP Beach, or Vryssi Beach, is managed by the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO).

This beach has been given the blue flag status which means that it meets high standards of water quality, safety and environmental management.

5. Faros Beach

Another beach worth visiting is Faros Beach located near Paphos Archaeological Park.

The environment (if you choose this beach) is less crowded than the other beaches, and it provides a calm atmosphere with beautiful views.

Faros Beach is sandy with pebbles interspersed and has a rocky seabed which makes it an excellent spot for snorkeling, and stretches along the coastline for roughly 400 meters.

The view of the lighthouse in the background also adds to its picturesque nature.

paphos harbour cyprus 25
Coastal walk near Faros beach.
paphos harbour cyprus 22
Sunset views in Kato Paphos.

Activities in Kato Paphos, Cyprus

Kato Paphos beaches offer sunbathing and swimming opportunities, as well as many activities, here are just a few ideas:

Water Sports: Water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing and paddle boarding are some you will find at various beaches throughout Kato Paphos, but the best options are in Coral Bay.

Boat Trips: Boat trips normally depart from Paphos Harbour, and there are lots of exciting options to choose from, the most popular ones include:

Dining and Nightlife: There is a range of dining options available on numerous bars/restaurants/cafes along the coast; from traditional Cyprian dishes to international cuisines. Some places also have live band entertainment during evening hours.

Beach Safety and Tips for Kato Paphos

Though Kato Paphos’ beaches are generally safe, it is important to follow some of the basic rules:

Sun Protection: Use sunscreen at all times, put on a hat and seek shade during peak sun hours to prevent sunburns.

Stay Hydrated: Carry lots of water for drinking especially when it is hot.

Respect Local Rules: Notice beach flags and signs that indicate swimming conditions. Listen to lifeguards.

Marine Life: Be careful not to touch jellyfish or other sea creatures. If you get stung by one seek help from a lifeguard or local first aiders.

Personal Belongings: Don’t let your belongings out of your sight. Use lockers or store valuables in a secure manner.

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Final Thoughts

Kato Paphos has many different types of beaches catering to everyone’s preferences.

Whether you’re looking for sandy and family friendly beaches, or prefer quieter beaches scattered with pebbles, Kato Paphos ticks all the boxes.

The combination of natural beauty, historical surroundings, and modern amenities makes Kato Paphos an ideal beach destination.

Was there something else you wanted to know about Kato Paphos? Ask away in the comments section and I will be happy to help out!

Thank you for reading!

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